What Is Web Hosting?

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First of all, before we answer the question of “what is web hosting”, it’s important that we detail how we got here. As more people venture online, the question of “what is web hosting?” has become more prevalent. Web hosting has grown into one of the more important aspects of business today. As a result, finding a provider is rather easy because there are so many in the industry today.

A web hosting service provider is a business that provides services needed for a site to be viewed on the net. Furthermore, Websites are hosted on computers called servers.

Web hosting is the heart beat of a website. Above all, it’s the foundation for which a site is built on. Furthermore, website hosting plays an important role in many parts of a website. Certainly, when we talk about speed and performance, we are referring to website hosting. Because website hosting isn’t something that is tangible, it can get overlooked. That’s a mistake. Above all, when it comes to website hosting, it should be one of the most important parts of your planning.

What Is Web Hosting: An Interesting Comparison

So for a website to be displayed online, it must have a web hosting provider that provides the platform. Most noteworthy, that platform will represent the base for a website.

Think of web hosting as a sports stadium. The actual teams playing in the stadium represent the actual website. This is the thing that people have invested time to watch. Similarly, people visiting a website are investing their time in your product. The fans represent the visitors that a site receives. So essentially, without the stadium, there are no teams. There are no fans. All in all, website hosting provides that stadium for internet marketers and potential clients.

what is web hosting

What Is Web Hosting: The Technical Side To It

So, now that you know a little bit more about web hosting, it’s time to look at the specific options.

First of all, the main features included with most hosting packages are:

  • Open Source Options – Above all, one of the more popular ones is WordPress. WordPress is the platform which manages your site. Because of their ease of use, they account for over 30% of sites online. Most noteworthy, virtually all top web hosting providers have WordPress support.
  • Email Options – Clients can create multiple email addresses with an account. Users save the ability to pick the size of the mailbox based on their needs.
  • Database Access – Most noteworthy, users will have the ability to create FTP and MySQL Databases for their sites.
  • Add On Domains – Add on domain options are available for users looking to set up multiple websites.
  • Other notable aspects of website hosting include apps, file manager and support.

What’s the Best Web Hosting?

First of all, web hosting services come in different layers based on the needs of client. Above all, the most notable options are shared website hosting and dedicated server website hosting. Because of the price, shared web hosting are very popular. As a result, a person can get a website up and running for less than a cop of coffee.

Above all, the best website host service provider would have to have great services, reputation and prices. As a result, based on those three elements, we would recommend the following five services.

  • SiteGround Website Hosting – First of all, this website hosting provider finished as the best cheap services provider for 2019. Hence, why we recommend their service. Above all, they have great support, uptimes and are known for reliability. To learn more about SiteGround, check out our SiteGround 2019 review featuring SiteGround Services and Promotions. Also, check out our article looking at the best shared web hosting companies in 2019. Check out the SiteGround Plans for more info.
  • HostGator Hosting – Above all, known for their great plans and support, HostGator is one of the best. Currently, they have a 60% OFF promo which puts their Hatchling plan less than $3.00 per month. Certainly, thats a great deal. To learn more about HostGator, check out our HostGator Extensive Review. Also, check out our review looking at the battle between GoDaddy and HostGator to see who came out on top. HostGator Plans.
  • Honorable Mention – 1and1 Web Hosting and BlueHost. Great services. Awesome support. Hence, why we recommend both as well.