Fiverr Review 2019 and
Comprehensive Breakdown

A popular question that seems to come up quite often in the digital marketing
industry is the question of “What is Fiverr?” Fiverr is a buyers and freelancers
paradise. More specifically, Fiverr is a freelancers online marketplace where
you can buy and/or sell digital services for a price as low as $5. With the
continued boom of the online marketing Fiverr has made a significant
impact within the freelance community. In this fiverr review, we'll
explore why Fiverr is the best option for your marketing needs.

Quick Company History

Launching in February of 2010, they were built on the premise of providing a two-sided platform where people can buy and sell various digital related services for a cheap and affordable price. The idea of providing such a platform where “gigs” (small one-off contracts) can be purchased for the budget friendly price of just $5 was an instant hit and help paved the way for them to consistently be a Top 100 most popular site in the United States.

What Makes Them So Impressive?

Now that we answered the question of "what is fiverr", we can concentrate of the specifics of what makes them one of the top marketplaces for freelancers to go

Ease Of Use (5/5)

New design and layout speeds up site. Easy user dashboard.

Support (5/5)

Reliable and responsive especially for escalations.

From a concept perspective, They are amazing. They strategically take the complexity out of pricing by providing a centralized offer. This is extremely enticing to potential clients and is why they have had immense success. As we discussed previously, they has opened the door for more flexible pricing. Pricing can go well upwards of $995, but their core offer still remains the $5 offer. While sellers may offer services far more expensive, for them to be competitive, sellers must weigh both the pros and cons of pricing.


This competition is what makes them so great for the company and for the actual buyer. In our fiverr review, we discovered their amazing customer base. With over 100,000 sellers and over 11 million potential clients, competition provides a big bonus for anyone looking to procure discounts. This basic fact coupled with their pricing proposition gives them the edge over other companies like Upwork. If you are a buyer in need of professional services there is no better place than Fiverr.


From a creative perspective, the reason that the price point is so low is because even novices can take a shot at offering a gig of choice based on their knowledge and expert level. There are no initial restrictions. As long as they have the experience, creativity, desire and passion to succeed, a seller can open up a business in the matter of minutes. This is extremely enticing for someone with great skills but are just getting started without the credentials. This company allows them to get their feet wet while building up their brand and reputation. Similar to a grand opening, as a buyer you are getting the best prices because even those with immense skill level in their respective fields, must first establish their brand with the help of you the buyer.


Another advantage with Fiverr is their fair rating system that the buyer can use to choose which services are truly the best. After thoroughly inspecting and reviewing their rating system, I was impressed with the process. As a buyer, you can take comfort in knowing that a seller has the responsibility to fully live up to the commitment established in their gig. This includes good communication with the buyer, a clear and precise ad which highlights the details of the gig, any gig extras and finally, the proficiency in the delivery of such services on time. If they don’t, take solace in knowing that their company provides a means to escalate such cases to their resolution team. Your money is safe with them.


One main disadvantage associated with Fiverr can be the lack of visibility for new seller freelance members. However, this is perfectly natural. There is already an abundance of sellers with a positive rating on the site coupled with the thousands and thousands of gigs that are already currently populating the Fiverr search engine. It can be hard for someone that is new to the game to get their footing at first. As a buyer, I would recommend to always pay attention to the ratings, however, don’t be afraid to explore other gigs created by sellers who just started. Why? Well, these freelancers are often more hungry for sales and may offer you additional options, bonuses and features for the same price that you might pay with a Top Rated Seller. Communicate with any seller and see what they will truly offer.


Another minor disadvantage is the $1 or 2% charge (whichever is higher) associated with purchasing a gig as a buyer. Essentially you are getting charged 20% on a $5 gig, but if you look at the bigger picture, you are likely purchasing a gig for $5 that could potentially costs hundreds of dollars elsewhere. That’s what I call bigger picture savings.


Join Fiverr For Free And Make Your First Purchase

Join them for free today and make your first “gig” purchase and we’ll give you 50% off any strategy guide in our digital marketing marketplace. Just email us with your confirmation number once completed.


Is Fiverr a Scam? Can We Rely On Fiverr?

Above all, based on our fiverr review, they remain far from a scam. Fiverr is a legitimate company that has changed the way that we do business online.


Due to so many sellers on Fiverr, there can be some bad apples in the bunch. They do a great job of trying to weed out these people but some may slip through the cracks. As a buyer, it’s important to follow the same procedures that you do when you shop in other places like eBay and/or Amazon. Read the reviews to determine the legitimacy of the gig. Above all, ask the seller questions. Solicit answers and test their responsiveness and professionalism.


As a fall back, as I highlighted earlier, buyers do have a dispute system readily available to them where they can get oversight from Fiverr support on any issues that could not be handled by buyer and seller. This kind of assurance is great for peace of mind in knowing that someone has your back.


When you’re a freelancer, the key thing to make note of is to make sure that you abide by Fiverr Terms at all times. I know that we sometimes like to avoid reading the T&C’s, but for Fiverr, this is something that I would highly recommend. As a result, you’ll avoid any issues such as being banned later on because you weren’t aware that you broke a rule. Fiverr has some strict rules, especially for a seller. This is a positive thing to prevent frauds and scammers.


But Wait…What are The Best Gigs Available for Price?

Based on our fiverr review, if you have a need assistance, help in any of the below areas, stop looking elsewhere. Most noteworthy, Fiverr will outdo the competition in these particular areas of interest. Fiverr has some amazing gigs for:

Whiteboard & Explainer Videos, Website Builders & CMS, Ecommerce, WordPress, Lyric & Music Videos, 3D & 2D Models, Presentation Design, Web & Mobile Design, Data Analysis & Reports, Mobile Apps & Web, Spokespersons & Testimonials, Promotional Videos, Research & Summaries, Business Copywriting, Articles $ Blog Posts, Translation, Creative Writing, and thousand and thousand more….


Join Fiverr For Free And Make Your First Purchase

Join Fiverr for free today and make your first “gig” purchase and we’ll give you 50% off any strategy guide in our digital marketing marketplace. Just email us with your confirmation number once completed.


Fiverr Review 2019 Summary and Final Words

Overall, I was thoroughly impressed with Fiverr. The website is fast and clean. The simplistic design is polished and extremely professional. The search function, which is their bread and butter, is phenomenal and allows for easy search functions. The upgrade that they just made to the site has definitely made a huge difference in look, appeal and more importantly responsiveness.


I recommend Fiverr for the following reasons:


  • Support – Their support is both responsive and professional. This was an area of opportunity for them in years past but they have done a great job of elevating this support to industry leading.


  • Learn From Fiverr – Many people think that Fiverr is just a buy and sell marketplace, but they actually have their own on-demand training platform to help you with courses in relation to Digital Marketing and more. Nice touch in that it provides and all-in-one solution for novices.


  • Pricing – The Fiverr PRO service is absolutely phenomenal. You wont find so many features at such a low price point. If you are looking to go small, Fiverr has their standard gigs starting at just $5 gigs, but if you are looking for that certified professional, Fiver PRO delivers. Fiverr provides services for all budgets which is a huge plus.


Just a few more reasons why:


  • Professional Sellers – If you go look on the independent market for services that Fiverr Offers, you just wont find the same value for the dollar. Additionally, you wont have the same level of oversight. With Fiverr, sellers are rated based on their work which means that they are held accountable by you.


  • Community – Fiverr’s diversity in gig selection to the overall family atmosphere that they produce makes them a company that you can trust and depend on.


Sign up for Fiverr today for free and put your skills to use and start making some serious money. Use the button below to get started.


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