Timing of Emails Are Vital


The timing of emails are just as important as the design and content of an email. First of all, I was reading a recent article by GetResponse and they did a great job of breaking down the best time to send emails. GetResponse is considered an industry leader in email marketing services. They are known for their email solutions like automation, landing pages and cheap and affordable email pricing. Take a look at this GetResponse Review to learn more about this great company. To sum up, I was pleased with the amount of detail that this article had about how to run a successful email marketing campaign.

Above all, in this article, they did a great job of breaking down the time frames and the impact that each has on open and click through times and rates. In short, it’s amazing how having a simple plan can be so effective.

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First of all, GetResponse highlighted the importance of engagement rates. Secondly, focusing on when you are sending emails will increase your subscriber engagement in a big way.

For example greater engagement rates happen within the first hour. Also, the longer your email sits in the inbox the less effective it becomes. Engagement rates see a big time decline in hour four and later. Take a look at this cool infographic and see just why the timing of emails are key.

Timing Of Emails – Best Time To Email InfoGraphic

Email campaign success depends upon subscriber engagement. You can analyze subscriber engagement by answering some simple questions: What time do your readers normally browse through their inboxes? When are they most likely to open and click? Do they read messages that are more than 12 hours old? GetResponse set out to answer these questions in our latest research on open-and-click times and came up with some interesting conclusions.

So, as shown above, the timing of emails are key. Understanding the best time to send emails will increase click rates. As a result, your potential for an increase in earning will soar.

To sum up, email marketing is a still a powerful tool to use. In short, people can dominate their campaigns with the proper game plan and service. We recommend GetResponse to help you with your email lists and campaigns. Read our GetResponse Review to learn more about them. Also, they have some great promos going on now including:

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