The Rise of The Digital Marketing Agency

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The importance of an digital marketing agency has never been greater. The cost, reach and scale of older standard advertising and marketing tactics have become less and less effective as fresh superior methods and strategies progress to the forefront. Previously, focusing your entire marketing allocation into newspaper print, radio spots and/or magazine advertising campaigns were somewhat sufficient for some businesses. However, things have drastically changed. Readership in print media is down almost across the board and that is largely due to the rise of the internet.

As we continually progress through this digital age, the internet as a whole continues to have a profound impact in how we operate and how we do business. Digital Marketing has been and continues to be a big part of this. For those of you new to Digital Marketing, digital marketing has evolved and manifested into a dynamic entity of epic proportions. Digital Marketing is essentially an integration of advanced technology, which when implemented correctly, equips your staff with the innate ability to turn browsers into customers.

Digital marketing encompasses multiple dynamic aspects of online marketing by strategically leveraging digital channels such as email, social media and search engines to connect potential customers with a need. Specifically, “Digital Marketing is a way of streamlining a companies ability to attract attention and exposure of a relevant campaign with converting that attention to profits”.

What is a Digital Marketing Agency?

A digital marketing agency is quite different from your standard online marketing based agency. A digital marketing agency has an increased focused on results. While most forms of online marketing promote brand awareness, a digital marketing agency is unique in that it’s a results-driven entity as well as an agency which focuses on brand development and lead generation. Essentially, you are getting everything from the promotion aspect of it to the conversion and profit part of it.

What makes a digital marketing company so great is its ability to promote brand awareness of a product or service as well as develop a unique and diverse strategy that will lead to more sales and profits.

The uniqueness of your promotions which is heavily centered on the individual business as opposed to a generic solution is what makes a digital marketing company so valuable. A digital marketing agency creates a unique selling proposition that targets specific clients for your product or service based on analytics, data, trends and more.

Digital Marketing Agencies Improve ROI Performance

The benefits of a digital marketing agency is the tailored approach that they offer to meet the needs and special demands of their individual client. Having this amount of attention dedicated to one specific campaign allows for greater success and ultimately a higher return on investment.

A digital marketing company will work and rework strategies to improve on efficacy by utilizing specific methods such as web traffic evaluation, search engine research, and client-traffic behavior. Digital Marketing as a whole is extremely data concentric which makes it easy to track and scale.

Specific Techniques Digital Marketing Agencies Employ

Here at, we are a well-respected digital marketing agency who follow a certain blueprint for success which has continually worked for us because of our dedication in providing specialized support and services based on our individual clients. Our services are considered best in class because of the array of techniques and data that we incorporate into what we do as a digital marketing agency. Specific techniques that we employ include:

  • Planning (The Digital Strategy)
    A good digital marketing company will help you with setting up goals for what you are looking to achieve from your marketing campaign. Once goals are established, the digital marketing agency will then work with business owner to draw out the steps and a formal strategy needed to achieve such goals.
  • Marketing Tools
    A digital marketing company provides a ton of creative development for your potential online marketing campaign including:
    • Search Engine Optimization – SEO allows you to target a specific audience so that time nor money is wasted. A good SEO campaign would include an immense keyword strategy focused on search engine rankings and PPC.
    • Email Marketing – Email Marketing allows you to reach thousands of potential clients with the click of a button. Email Marketing campaigns can be automated and run at all times.
    • Social Media Marketing – A favorite of many digital marketing agencies because it allows a company, business, entrepreneur to establish their own unique identity.
    • Analytics – Our digital marketing agency here at also integrates a decent analytics system to properly monitor the visitor movement on your site. We use details derived from SERPS, Google Analytics, SEO Audits, AWstats and more.
    • Mobile Advertising – Capitalizing on mobile users is absolutely critical.
    • Website/Blog – A personal blog/website allows a digital marketing agency to share helpful information about products, share thoughts on certain topics and also provide more in-depth answers that your customers may be searching for.

These are just a few of the things to keep in mind when taking your first step into digital marketing. Although it is quite possible for you to do it yourself, choosing a leading digital marketing company and a digital marketing agency like PremierNetUSA will definitely give you the edge. There has never been a better time than now to implement digital marketing solutions for your company.

Why Is Digital Marketing So Important?

There has been numerous digital marketing agencies popping up everywhere because digital marketing has become the preferred marketing choice for many. Anyone can start a digital marketing agency. It’s as simple as building a website, offering and promoting services that will help a business and/or entrepreneur strategically market their own products or services via digital devices.

The explosion of digital marketing agencies in 2019 has a direct correlation to the new dynamics of business. With everyone essentially using at least one digital device at all times during the day, the potential reach of getting new clients interested in your product could never be greater. Savvy business owners want to put their advertising money in the best possible places with the most potential for connecting customers to their product and the there is nothing greater than the digital landscape. Specifically, Americans spend an average on nearly 10 hours on an electronic device over the course of 24 hours. When you consider the possibility of tablets, cell phones and a plethora of other connected devices such as games and portable Wifi enabled consoles, you can see why digital marketing has become so important.

Digital Marketing is an online marketing platform with an extensive reach and scope. We touched on the online aspect of it, but there are even offline digital marketing opportunities as well which include the likes of commercial investments, electronic billboards and don’t forget those advertisements you see when accessing apps like Hulu and/or Pandora.


If you are a business looking to start a quality Digital Marketing campaign, then look no further than PremierNetUSA for your Digital Marketing and SEO needs. If you are looking to start your own digital marketing company, I hope the information that we provided sheds some light on what to expect. Digital marketing is both fun and revolutionary and is changing the way that we market things in 2019 and beyond.