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Hello all. This is Rob from PremierNetUSA. First of all, The Credit Pros are considered to be one of the best companies in the world for legal credit repair. Secondly, if you are looking to improve your credit fast to buy that new home or car, Credit Pros can help to increase your credit score fast at industry low prices. Finally, you can call 1-866-617-9194 for a Credit Repair Personalized Consultation with friendly credit repair experts that are looking to help you right away. Also, In this The Credit Pros Review, we’ll touch on specific reasons for why The Credit Pros should be your go to option for fast and effective solutions for fixing your credit.

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The Credit Pros Overview

Above all, ranked as one of America’s fastest growing companies for the last five years, The Credit Pros has built their enviable reputation on trust, transparency and results. First of all, they don’t just repair credit, they educate their clients on good financial health. Above all, this helps clients from falling into bad habits. Secondly, they are BBB Accredited with an “A+” rating. In short, that’s awesome. Finally, they deliver results. The Credit Pros have helped thousands of clients remove thousands of negative items from their credit report. For example, they have removed items such as collections, late payments, bankruptcies and more. To sum up, their innovative in-house credit repair techniques works and it is proven in their great results.

Most noteworthy, you can get started to better credit right away. The Credit Pros offers a FREE Personalized Consultation to get you started. Certainly worth noting that there are no contracts or long term obligations with this call. To take advantage of this FREE Consultation, all you have to do is call:



Most noteworthy, credit pros has some of the more flexible credit repair options in the business. For example, here are some of their key advantages:

  • Unique Client Billing Method – So, one of the key things that we liked with The Credit Pros is their post billing methods. In short, clients pay for items deleted off of their credit report AFTER they are deleted. To sum up, this means that you wont be charged unless they produce results first. That’s awesome.
  • Free Credit Monitoring – Included at no extra cost is credit monitoring which is used to help spot possible identity theft.
  • Personalized Support – Clients will have the opportunity to have an in-depth One-on-One Action Plan With a Certified FICO Professional. Without a doubt, this is a cool feature that will help anybody. Certainly, this is worth the time and investment.
  • Unlimited Dispute Letters – So, part of improving your credit score and getting negative items removed is effective use of dispute letters. The Credit Pros does a great job of using this tool to help their clients.
Why Choose The Credit Pros?
  • Best In Class Tools – They focus on Cease and Desist letters to collection Agencies as well as Debt Validation Letters to Creditors.
  • 24/7 Support – So, clients will have 24/7 access to their online client portal. In short, clients will have access to credit help at all times.
  • Easy Reporting – Easy-to-read credit reports and personalized score insights.
  • Fix Now, Pay Later – No one in the industry offers their clients to pay them after they improve their score.
The Credit Pros Reviews
  • “So, I was backed into a corner with no where to go. The Credit Pros helped me so much by removing items off of my report and lowering payments. So grateful.” – Mary-Anne (Kentucky)
  • “They are the best. Friendly, courteous and of course helpful. I’m not sure what I’ve would have done without their help – David (Kansas)
  • “Credit Pros are pros. First of all, the delivered on their promise. Secondly, they helped to raise my credit score by so much. Most importantly, they took an embarrassing situation for me and made me feel like family. Thank you!” – Tobias (Oregon)
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