Writing Memes And It’s Influence On Social Media


Writing memes can both be fun and educational. However, before we can discuss the art of writing memes, we’ll cover what exactly a meme is.

Above all, our Writing Center wanted to touch on memes because of the social influence that they have. A meme represents a new innovative approach of expressing a social ideology. Most modern day memes are still photos altered with the intention of providing humor for a specific subject. With the explosion of social media over the past decade, memes have grown to become one of the most commonly used tools to connect your feelings with your audience.

Memes can provide both humor as well as shock and awe. Writing memes can also provide substance and meaning to deeper philosophical content. In regards to memes, there is no one size fits all approach. Anyone and everyone can create a meme as a means of demonstrating a conversational expression.

A little known secret is that there were memes way before this social media explosion that we are witnessing now. Even more so, memes date back to 1976 where an evolutionary biologist by the name of Robert Dawkins came up with the concept. The Thrillist has a great article on memes titled “Best Current Memes” which is worth a look at in your spare time.

What About Writing Memes

Creating an effective meme is not difficult at all anymore. With the advancements in technology, most modern day phones have the capability of creating a meme within seconds and posting it right to your social media page. So essentially, you already have the tool and the delivery service to deliver your message to millions, but how you can you make a meme interesting to make it potentially go viral?

This is also not hard to do. First, you have to ensure that you build your list of followers enough to the point where they will “like” and/or “share” your meme with others. This can be done by just being active and posting a lot of interesting stuff. People love humor. Give the people what they want and they will want to see more from you.

Once you develop a nice follower base via social media, it will just come down to timing. Always be on top of the news and be ready to pounce on the opportunity on things that are trending.

Writing Memes Key Tips

Keep your content short and to the point. Your meme should have clear bold font and clearly state your message. Avoid using the same pictures that thousands of others have used when creating their memes. You’ll want to be different here and produce something that hasn’t been seen before. Keep in mind that the picture element is more important than the text element. Sometimes one word can sum up the message that you are sending. With writing memes a picture is truly worth a thousand words.


This picture to the left is an example of a bad meme. Same picture rehashed over and over again with way to much lettering taking away from the overall feel of the meme. The words should mesh seamlessly with the picture.

writing memes-good-meme

The picture to the right is a great example of a good and interesting meme. New picture with a funny message. Obviously, this person knows how to use Photoshop or similar tools to add to the detail, but this was executed well and still delivered a ton of humor…..except you are in a band of course.

Now you try. Once you create that meme, send it out to everyone and hope it goes viral. If not, don’t worry, something will be trending again in the next hour. If you enjoyed this article, be sure to check out some of our other content in our Content Writing Services Section or you can contact us with any questions. Also, take a look at our PremierNet article about Winning Writing Strategies to help you with memes, but also your writing skills.