Speedy Cash versus Check Into Cash

This Speedy Cash versus Check Into Cash Review highlights the pros and cons for each company. Also, we’ve included customer reviews and our professional recommendation for which company should be your first option for a payday loan. In short, overall, both companies fared well in this review. However, Check Into Cash excelled in more critical areas. For example, from a short term loan fee perspective, Check Into Cash is much cheaper and their process is a lot easier. For the complete review, continue below.

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Summary: Check Into Cash

They have become a reliable option for people seeking payday loans, short term loans, as well as auto title loans and installment loans. Similarly to Speedy Cash, you can apply for loans at one its locations or online. Above all one of the main differences that give Check Into Cash a huge advantage over Speedy Cash is loan availability. For example, Check Into Cash has payday loans available in nearly 32 states nationwide. In contrast, Speedy Cash has payday loans available in just 15 states.

Title loans and Installment loans will differ by state and it’s recommended that you visit the respective sites at Check Into Cash and Speedy Cash to get an idea of which states are eligible. Also, keep in mind that loan limits will be based on your state as well. Above all, Check Into Cash wins in this area with more states which allows for upwards of $1000 per payday loan. In contrast, it seemed like most of the payday loan limits with Speedy Cash were just $500.

To sum up, we felt that Check Into Cash is a better option because of flexibility of loan limits at the state level as well as the easy online application process. There are no credit checks. Also, people have been approved with credit scores as low as 300. Take a look at our pros and cons below.


  • Fast and Timely Approvals – Check Into Cash works with a network of lenders to get you approved fast.
  • Bad Credit Applicants Accepted – While having an checking account and employment is recommended and mandatory, customer have been approved without being employed.
  • Free Online Application – In short, why not try out Check Into Cash For Free?
  • Available in 34 states
  • Loan approvals for as low as $50
  • Great customer service reviews
  • Lower fees than Speedy Cash (averaging around 150% APR)


  • Checking account is required for deposit of cash as well repayment.
  • Must be 21 years of age to apply
  • Payday Loan approval amounts will be as high as $1000. For many, this is a good number. However, some clients may need more. Keep in mind that this limit if for payday loans only.

PayDay Loans Online Made Easy

  1. Complete Online Application.
  2. E-Sign Documents once approved
  3. Cash deposited into banking account
  4. Repay loan and fees within 2 weeks

Check Into Cash Reviews

“Very happy with their service. I needed cash fast for an overdue bill and they were able to get cash to me the very next business day. No hassle. Easy process.”Dana (2019)

“Was in need of cash but did not have good credit. I gave checkintocash a shot and they approved me in a few min. I was so happy. Definitely will be using them again in the future.”Christopher (2019)

Get A 30 Second Approval With Check Into Cash


Summary: Speedy Cash

Above all, Speedy Cash is a fast and flexible option for in-store and online payday loans. Also, they offer title and installment loans as well as cash services. Depending on your state as well as your approval terms, a person can get cash in as little as one business day.

A true advantage of Speedy Cash is that they are a direct lender. In contrast, many top payday loan providers are not direct lenders. Rather, they only provide a referral service for top lenders. Unfortunately, a huge limitation with them is the amount of states payday loans options are available. CashAdvance.com offers short term loan options in over 30 states. In contrast, Speedy Cash only offers such options in 15 states.

From a loan term perspective, speedy cash has some room for opportunity here. Based on reviews, clients have reported APR rates as high as 1000%. Also, they offer little flexibility with repayment options. As a result of just one missed payment a client could be charged a staggering $10 per day. In short, rates and terms can be found here. Take a look at our full lost of pros and cons associated with Speedy Cash below.


  • Online and In-Store Options available for clients.
  • Multiple financial options. Different types of loans available for clients for up to $26,000.
  • Direct Lender
  • Fast turnaround on loans.


  • Loan availability is an issue here. Speedy Cash only offers payday loan options in just 13 states in the USA.
  • While most payday loan options have extremely High APR rates,
  • SpeedyCash rates seem to be slightly higher. Keep in mind that rates are based on amounts as well as state of residence.
  • No repayment forgiveness or flexibility. A clients rates will soar daily if the loan is not paid back on time. A $500 loan could easily turn into a $3000 loan.
  • Checking Account is required.
  • Depending on the amount and type of loan, a credit check may be mandatory.
  • Must be employed and provide proof of income above acceptable rates based on loan amount if necessary.

Speedy Cash Reviews

“Interest way to high and payment suddenly doubled. For struggling people your hole only gets deeper. When months down road your owing more than borrowed”Debbie (2018)

“I borrowed $180.00 in January of this year. I payed 58.00 every month except for the last 2, I will have to pay 400.00 to get rid of these guys this month . They have made a grand off of $180.00. Please dont make the same mistake i did. Do not borrow from Speedy Cash. Your throwing money out the window. They take money out of your account without permission . Horrible shady company !!!!”Anonymous (2018)

The Verdict

So, in this Check Into Cash vs Speedy Cash Review, there is definitely a clear winner here. Most noteworthy, Check Into Cash has proved to be the more reliable option across the board. Specifically, they have lower fees per loan and a less complicated online application process. Furthermore, they have loan options available in more states, especially the ever popular payday loan options.

To sum up, based on reviews, Check Into Cash has a clear advantage here. For instance, their fees are more transparent and they have loan options that apply to more people in need. In short, we definitely recommend Check Into Cash for your payday loan needs. Check out our Check Into Cash Review as well as our Top Fast Bad Credit PayDay Loans article for even more short term loan information.

Winner: Check Into Cash

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