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SEO Tactician Strategies

SEO Tactician is a phrase which stands for someone who is an expert in search engine optimization. Even more so, it represents someone who is knowledgeable about processes, rules, and methods with how to properly dominate in SEO. This article will feature specific tips from a seo tactician as well as strategies that our readers can use right way to improve their rankings.

First of all, the first step of any search engine optimization strategy is to get your web pages properly listed and indexed. However, it is critical to understand that even before this can happen, you need to get the search engine crawlers to visit your website.

Depending on how effectively you setup and establish your website, the first visit by any applicable search engine or directory could take days, weeks, or even months. It is important to note that while this process may be long, updating your pages frequently and providing fresh and relevant information will have these crawlers show up on your doorstep more often. Above all, how you maintain your site is key. We recommend performing an SEO Audit on your site regularly. As a result, your site will stay in good standing. PremierNet has the best options for SEO Audits and SEO Action Plans to keep your site in good SEO Standing. MXToolBox has a nice Health Check Tool as well to monitor any errors on your site.

SEO Tactician Details

Once you start having search engines and directories crawl your website, getting your pages indexed does become somewhat easier and ultimately, this is where you can start to the process of becoming an SEO Tactician.

In order to do that, you need to start at the beginning. And the beginning in this particular instance is developing and enhancing pages in such a way that the search engine crawlers will be impressed.


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All the text content that search engine crawlers gather is stored and indexed. People conduct searches based on specific keywords. Whatever content that’s most relevant to any given keyword will be placed in the top positions of the search results. This is why having a unique keyword strategy is both critical and vital to your overall success.

Understanding and implementing an effective keyword approach is important and will be something that we’ll highlight in the next section. Additionally, there are three other components which helps to satisfy the requirement of all of the major search engines. These three components include:


  • Provide professional quality content


  • Update content consistently


  • Get top-ranking websites to link back to your

Satisfying the top four search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN and DMOZ) will go a long way in becoming an SEO Tactician and paving your way to SEO Domination. However, it doesn’t stop there. Beyond that, there are an innumerable amount of other search engines and directories like AltaVista, Ask Jeeves, and AllTheWeb that you can successfully incorporate the same approach to.

More SEO Tactician Details

So, unless you plan to make search engine optimization your life‘s work, it’s not likely you’ll devote most of your vitality in that one single area (even when constrained to the top four players). However, you’ll need to invest a fair amount of quality value and effort.

And that basically equates to these two missions…

1. Get all of your pages indexed by major search engines fast.

2. Develop and improve your page rank and position in search results.

In order to successfully complete both of these missions, you’ll need to prudently balance and incorporate various strategies. We’ll highlight in this article a little later to help you get your footing on SEO Domination.

Above all, it’s better to focus on the most reasonable optimization techniques. And as a result, you’ll have long lasting results.

When you consider how much work is involved in getting any website to the top of search engine rank and position, it’ll be worth whatever effort it takes to get it right the first time.


SEO Tactician Tips for Keywords

There are three basic things you’ll need to do in order to accomplish proper and effective search engine optimization.


  • Organize and construct keyword lists


  • Create keyword-rich content


  • Institute a constructive link strategy

The core of any SEO strategy is constructed almost entirely around the collection of keywords you
choose to target. Having a dominate keyword strategy with help you in becoming an SEO Tactician and ultimately help pave the way to your SEO Domination.


An important first step of your keyword strategy is to decide which groups of keywords you’ll be utilizing. In most instances, those groups will be either directly or indirectly related to the topic or niche that your website is (or will be)
associated with.

Once you’ve established the individual groups of keywords you want to target, you can begin to compile a comprehensive list of top-level phrases that have each of the following characteristics:


  • Keywords searched for by thousands of visitors
    every month


  • Keyword with little to no competition

The Competition Is Fierce

The more people who search for the term combined with the least amount of competition associated with it, the more valuable the keyword will be with regard to gaining automatic search
engine traffic.

Beyond that, you’ll want to compile lists of secondary keywords. These would still be valuable, but not to the extent that the first top-level list would be.

The main advantage of lower level keywords is the fact that you don’t have to work quite as hard to
get definitive search engine recognition. And since you’ll get fairly decent results position, you’ll also receive targeted viewer traffic.

To make up for the lack of quality in the keyword itself (in most cases that equates to fewer searches being conducted every month and therefore less competition), you need to work with a much larger quantity of lower-level keywords.

Basically, the results will be just as good as what you experience through top-level keywords. It will just take more keywords to achieve those same results.

There are several ways in which you can compile keyword lists. One of the quickest and easiest methods is to use free online suggestion tools. Furthermore, another way is to set your browser to Google will start to predict what you are trying to type. Bam! Google is providing you with the answers that you are looking for like an open book test.

That predictive technology are keywords that others are using. Browsing to the bottom of the google search results page that you just inputted will yield even more gold.

Once you know exactly which keywords you’ll be targeting, you can begin to build content.


Superior Quality SEO Content

Above all, SEO optimization is key. The truth is, you must believe and trust in the principle that “Content Is King” if you are to become an SEO Tactician and dominate in SEO.

From a viewer’s standpoint, content not only invites potential clients and suitors to visit your website but encourages them to return regularly.

From a search engine perspective, content is one of the primary factors in determining just how much weight should be given to any web page.

Search engine crawlers gather and index content. Figuring out how to successfully place your content higher could be as simple as quality content on a regular basis.

SEO Tactician Methods

Naturally, you can manually add content by applying everything yourself. But that alone would
take time. Especially, when you consider all of the other tasks that has to be done when running a website.

One of the best methods for gaining quality content is to include keyword-rich articles. Rather than take the time to write them yourself, you can secure articles that others have written. A good mix of manually created articles with PLR rich articles is a good way of keeping your site updated.

Most noteworthy, RSS feeds are another popular method. They are good for gaining content and keeping things fresh.

Depending on what feeds you happen to choose, the content can be as simple as a list of
topic-related links. And of course, there’s everything in between.

The most common choice for RSS feeds are the ones that display a list of topic-related URL’s with a brief description. The reason that this type of feed is so popular is because of the potential for keyword exposure.

So  as a result you should have faster indexing and a better google ranking.


Superior SEO Linking Strategies

Choosing the right keywords and publishing quality keyword-rich content puts you two-thirds of the way toward optimum search engine recognition. The other third is pretty much solely based on popularity.

Great linking strategies consists of a website receiving a lot of high quality links pointing to back to it. It’s all about link popularity.

The ultimate goal is to get a huge amount good websites with a high page rank that are in a similar niche as yours, providing links back to you..

In order to get the most bang out of the link popularity process, it’s best if you actually seek out
nice websites. Aside from those you might already have in mind, conduct searches based on the keywords you’re most interested in.

More Information

Also, someone who’s in direct competition with you wouldn’t even consider giving you a link back. So what you’ve looking for are popular websites that have content that is like yours.

First off all the topic should be related to your. Furthermore, the site should have authority. Finally, if the site meets both of these things, your website will achieve higher rankings.

The more control you have over the links that others place on their websites, the more search engine value you’ll have.

It takes a good deal of effort to get high-ranking websites to link back to you. Make
certain you invest all efforts to gain the best possible links.

Great Link Profiles

And the criteria for the best possible link is this:

1. It includes keyword rich text.

2. It originates from a valuable and high-ranking website.

3. It’s placed in what would be considered an important location.

Anything less than that and you’re hurting the whole link back process.

Always keep in mind that in this instance, quality will always win out over quantity.

Well, that’s it for now. Continue visiting our site for even more free and premium information.

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