SEO Ranking Mistakes To Avoid


SEO ranking is one of the most important factors in any internet venture. With the criteria for SEO always changing, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve. In this article, our Digital Marketing Agency will highlight two key mistakes that you must avoid when trying to rank high on the major search engines. Also, we’ve included some best practices for improving your SEO ranking on google. Even more so, if you are unfamiliar with SEO, you can read our “What Does SEO Stand For Article” for a detailed overview of search engine optimization. So, let’s get started.

SEO Ranking Mistakes To Avoid Overview

First of all, in regards to rank, the algorithms seem to always change However, there are some fundamental principles that always remain the same. For example, it’s always vital to make sure that your theme is SEO friendly. I’ve been helping clients for years rectify this unfortunate mistake. People get enamored with the look of a theme. However, they fail to realize the negative implications that some of these “jazzy” themes offer. And, if people are not careful, people could be spending a lot of money with little to no return on their investment because of the theme that they chose.

For instance, I just had a client who was running a website for over six months. During this time span, he only saw a small increase in his traffic. Most importantly, none of the keywords that he was targeting was anywhere near the top 10. My client had a good idea of what SEO ranking was and how to work towards a positive ranking. However, he still struggled generating organic traffic to his site.

To sum up, it was due to his website theme. My client used the demo version of the theme. So, he basically installed the demo version of the theme with the easy one-click set-up to save time instead of creating a site from scratch. Above all, he thought that he was saving time. In contract, he was creating a disaster.

Headers, Headings And Designs All Play A Role In SEO Ranking

In short, the demo created pages full of “custom headings”. Obviously, the developer took a shortcut in creating content for his demo pages. So, why is this bad? Google and other search engines like short and descriptive headings within your content. If an entire page is comprised of headings, search engines will not know the purpose of the content. As a result, search engines will essentially deem that content as not valuable.

So, How Would I Fix This To Improve My SEO Ranking?

First of all, this seems like a problem only related to “Page Builders”. Secondly, when using a page builder or preloaded demo content, please ensure that your main content is added via the “text box” and not added via “custom headings”. Above all, I would avoid using custom headings even for actual headings. Depending on the CSS and design of the site, google and other search engines may find it hard to read such headings. Above all, if they cant read headings, your content is worthless and your SEO ranking will never climb. In contrast, create your headings from the “text box” element.

So, how do I know that this was impacting his SEO rankings. Simply put, within a few days of changing his entire site, his pages started to climb fast. Most noteworthy, he now has pages in the top 10 and plenty of others in the top 100 and climbing. Even more so, his organic traffic is starting to soar.

To sum up, choose your themes wisely. Inspect your theme consistently. Above all, you can have great content, but if formatting is not correct due to the design of your site, your SEO ranking will be penalized.

Other Mistakes To Avoid To Improve Your SEO Rankings

  • Do not copy content – Above all, your content should be fresh. You should have picked a niche that you enjoy. So, creating content should be easy.
  • Avoid Link and Keyword Stuffing – Certainly, you should include relevant links. However, don’t over do it. The more links that you add (even internal) could make your page look “spammy”. As a result, your SEO ranking could suffer.
  • Keep It Niche Relevant – Above all, avoid confusing search engines will different topics from different niches. Certainly, you’ll want to keep it focused to just one things. However, if you branch out, make sure that you have a good site structure and link building strategy.
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SEO Ranking Summary

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