SEMrush Pricing Overview

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SEMrush pricing has become a huge topic for many online marketers. Firstly, it’s extremely important that we provide some history of what SEMrush is and where they came from. SEMrush is a software and service company which specializes in marketing analytics. Most notably, they have achieved superstar status because of their innovative online visibility platform which has yielded game changing results in online marketing.

Established in 2008, SEMrush is one of the best at what they do. From a keyword research and campaign analysis perspective, there is no one better. Above all, they are the cream of the crop. For a complete analysis on support, features and more, check out our SEMrush Review for more details.

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Trusted by more than three million clients, they revolutionized how we approach keyword strategies. Above all, they are known for results. As a result, many marketers have looked to acquire their services. Why? Because it delivers. But, you already knew that. You are not reading this because you want to know about how great they are, you are reading this because you want to know about SEMrush pricing. And, you want to know what are best value packages that they offer.

SEMrush pricing is both competitive and transparent. In short, there are no hidden charges, fees or taxes to worry about. Above all, you can have the confidence to purchase their services free of concern. Below, we’ll take a deeper look into the SEMrush pricing options and breakdown which options potentially provide the best return on investment.

SEMrush Pricing: Free 7 Day Trial

Unlike many of their competitors, SEMrush offers its’ clients a totally free 7 day trial. Above all, this is an awesome chance to test drive this amazing service. Also, there is no obligation for extending service. This is a totally risk free opportunity. To take advantage of this amazing service.

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SEMrush Pricing Breakdown

Three Core Packages:

Pro Package

Guru Package

Business Package

Pro Package Highlights

SEMrush Pro Package is a dynamic package that is great for freelancers, entrepreneurs and small business owners. Most notably, priced at just $99, you are essentially getting over $5000 worth of tools and resources to help build your campaign. Above all, we recommend this package as the package to feel out the SEMrush service. Based on SEMrush pricing as well as our research on competitive pricing, no one offers this amount of features at such a low price. Click HERE to access SEMrush Pricing Pro Package details. Overview included below:

10,000 Results Per Report

3,000 Reports Per Day

5 Projects To Track

500 Keywords to Track

100,000 Pages To Crawl Per Month

500 SEO Ideals Per Month

10 Social Profiles For Posting

Click Here for Full SEMrush Pricing Details for Pro Package

SEMrush Pricing: Guru Package Highlights

The Guru package is priced at $199.00 per month and provides extensive domain and keyword analytics, traffic analytics and projects. Most notably, the guru package is great for small to medium business owners. This package is truly loaded especially if you are working with multiple clients on big ticket campaigns. Click HERE to access SEMrush Pricing Guru Package details. Overview included below:

30,000 Results Per Month

5,000 Reports Per Day

50 Projects To Track

1500 Keywords To Track

300,000 Pages To Crawl Per Month

800 SEO Ideals Per Month

30 Social Profiles For Posting

SEMRush Pricing: Business Package Highlights

First of all, if you are looking for an all inclusive package for your keyword research campaign, look no further than this package. Most notably, this package is ideal for medium to big business with a larger volume of clients. Certainly, you’ll find that this package will encompass all of your needs with additional add-ons like historical data and extended reports. Consequently, these important additional reports are only available with the Business package. For the price of $399.95, Here is what else is included:

50,000 Results Per Report

10,000 Results Per Day

200 Projects

10,000 Keyword To Track

1,000,000 Pages To Crawl Per Month

2,000 SEO Ideals Per Month

Also, included only with the business package is Filter Data intel and product listing ads. Furthermore, you’ll receive rank tracking data for multiple platforms.


Above all, SEMrush is an amazing service. And, the $99 price point for the Pro package is as good as it gets. In contrast, when you compare that package to other competitors, you can expect to pay about 25% more for less reliable data. Above all, with SEMrush you are procuring a legit advantage over your competition. Also, as we stated in our SEMrush Review, your small investment of $99 will earn you thousands in no time.

To sum up, keyword research services will save you time and money. Certainly, it is worth it. Let SEMrush help take your next marketing campaign to another level. So, what are you waiting for. Try them out for free today by clicking here or using the banner below.