Relationship Marketing With Emails


Relationship marketing is an innovative strategy used to help grow long term engagements as well as customer loyalty. There are various types of relationship marketing. However, the purpose of relationship marketing is building strong and unbreakable relationships with clients. Above all, this is accomplished by providing relevant and timely information to clients based on their needs. As a result of building long lasting trust with clients, a company can build and foster unlimited revenue opportunities.

First of all, in this article we will highlight the importance of relationship marketing in the growing of a business. Secondly, we will highlight one of the most effective ways to create a successful bond between company and customer. Finally, our tech agency will provide tips and best practices for implementing relationship marketing into your business.


Domino’s and GE Are Now Soaring Because Of Relationship Marketing

Above all, this brand of marketing is about valuable content. Understanding your client base is essential to this. Also, appealing to new clients across generational and cultural divide is just as important. GE has done a great job of this. GE has done a good job of diversifying their content across different platforms. As a result, GE has increased their reach and exposure. For example, GE has extended it’s reach into digital media and social media. This includes venturing into creating podcasts and well as videos which have reached millions of potential clients. GE has offered valuable quality content which has fostered long term relationships while securing short term wins.

Domino’s has also seen similar positive trends because of relationship markting. For example, they have done a great job of tapping into a new brand of digital media. As a result, things have turned around for the once floundering franchise. Now, built on the premise of transparency and relevant marketing, Domino’s stocks have soared. In short, Domino’s stocks have risen more than 2000% since 2010. More importantly, they have managed to build long term relations with its customers via loyalty rewards, quality and integrity.


The Power Of Emails With Relationship Marketing

Certainly, emails are a great way to keep in touch with clients and expand your base. Above all, there are a number of approaches that a company can take with email marketing as a means of building long lasting relationships.

A way of building a relationship through an email campaign could be in the form of a newsletter. Above all, newsletters can help foster strategic partnerships as well as joint ventures. Even more so, a well written newsletter can solicit media inquiries, meetings and speaking engagements. Because, you are able to deliver such messages to a huge list of both current and future clients, the opportunities are endless.

Also, when we refer to relationship marketing, we are talking about growth. Emails can help with growth via referrals. There is no better way to extend a relationship beyond a direct interaction with your client than referrals. Essentially, your promoters are doing all of the work for you. The more content that your business can deliver that provides more answers than questions will help build your credibility within your base.

Emails And Customer Engagement

Finally, email campaigns that deliver real value still get clicked, read, and shared. So, why is this important. According to research by Zendesk on the impact of the customer experience, one of the main reasons people leave a company is due to the lack of attention. A strong email campaign closes that gap big time. And, it can be done automatically with very little costs. For example Constant Contact offers free fully automated email services for 60 days. This is a great way to get started.

The best way to dominate an email campaign is to know your customers. Based on prior visits and purchases, your team should be using that data to personalize the experience of your clients. For example, sending a email greeting to wish a client a happy birthday is a great way to build a relationship. Even more so, sending that email with a discount for a future purchase is how to capitalize on such interaction.

Email Tips For Relationship Marketing

Below, are some great tips that companies can use to ensure that they are effectively using relationship marketing for email campaigns:

  • Make it interesting. Above all, every email that you send out to a clients should be filled with relevant information. Avoid spam. Keep emails focused on what your clients value the most. Most importantly, provide info that will help your clients as opposed to trying to sell them something.
  • Be Consistent. Emails are great way to continually staying in contact with your clients. Send emails out regularly. Don’t over do it. However, do it enough where your clients will come to expect it. The more consistent that your company is, the more you can promote your products and services without being too overbearing.
  • Solicit Feedback. One of the great powers of relationship marketing is the two way interaction between client and customer. Emails will allow you to create channels for feedback and discussion. Above all, the more a client feels involved in the planning or development of something, the more attached they will be to the service.

What Does Success Look Like

  • Understand what success looks like. So, as we highlighted above, the three main traits of relationship marketing are quality, timely and consistency. In regards to email, each email that your company sends out must meet all three. Above all, avoid cutting corners. To execute a campaign that will foster long term relationships and trust among clients, we recommend procuring the services of top level email marketing services. What makes them so great is the ability to automate and track email success rates. Also, the stunning design options will improve open rates and further build trust in your company. Take a look at our Best Email Companies Review to see why companies like Constant Contact Services, AWeber Email Options and GetResponse Email Service are some of best in the industry.

Relationship Marketing Summary

So, why does this all matter. In the grand scheme of things it’s about retaining your customer, building brand loyalty and growing your brand. Highlighting a study by experience matters, they stated that loyal customer are five times more likely to repurchase services from a company. In short, that’s a huge number.

Above all, companies fail in relationship marketing because they fail to listen to their clients. Customers know what they want. Most importantly, they are the ones who create pipelines and trends. Listening to your customers is essential. This is why emails can be such a great tool. Because, you can get feedback from all parts of the world with a single click. Companies can build world wide relationships in a single email campaign. Emails are that powerful. To sum up, start improving on your engagement levels today via powerful email campaigns.

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