Professional Credit Service Calling You?

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Professional Credit Service is a debt collection agency that will do anything to collect a debt. In this article, we’ll provide tips and details on what to do to stop the harassment from Professional Credit Services.

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Above all, most of these tactics are illegal. First of all, it’s important to remain calm and always ask for documented proof. Don’t provide any information. Certainly, if they called you regarding an outstanding debt, they should already have your information. So, no need to verify any info. Secondly, once you receive the documents, it’s important to verify the debt with a professional for accuracy.

Professional Credit Service will go to extreme lengths to get what they want. Whether valid or not. Most noteworthy, there are many allegations pending against Professional Credit Service. For example, they have allegedly used false and misleading means to collect a debt which is not legal. Most importantly, know your rights. So, what should you do?

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Tips for Stopping Professional Credit Services

Step #1 – Verify Debt

Above all, this is the most important step. So, if you are contacted by Professional Credit Service, ask for documented proof. And, once you receive such documents, contact a credit professional who can pull up your most recent credit report in full. I recommend the using the services of Lexington Law or They have helped clients remove millions of negative items off of credit reports. And, they can help you too.

Read our Lexington Law Reviews article for more info on them. Also, take a look at our Credit Repair Companies article to learn about

They offer a free consultation, free credit report and score. Also, they provide a free credit evaluation to look for negative items that Professional Credit Services are stating. Above all, the key is to get down to the root cause of the debt in question. Both Lexington Law and will do that. In contrast, Professional Credit Services are only looking to collect the debt by using strong armed tactics.

Step #2 – Let Lexington Law and Do The Leg Work For You!

First of all, your credit is important. Even the slightest blemish can cost you over 100 points on your credit. As a result, you could lose out on getting that new car or home. Also, you can expect to pay higher interest charges. Not fun at all. So, it’s key that you get this situation rectified as quickly as possible. In contrast, based on reviews, Professional Credit Service does anything but that. They want you to pay and figure it out later. That’s just not fair. Especially, if the reporting is an error.

Lexington Law and Credit will contact them directly and get to the bottom of the situation for you. If it is indeed valid, they will work with them to lower or completely eliminate the debt. As a result, the turnaround time is quicker. And, your credit can be fixed faster.

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Summary – Professional Credit Service

  • Don’t stress yourself out – Above all, there are numerous reviews highlighting the fraudulent behavior by Professional Credit Service. You are not alone. And, all hope is not lost. Here are some of the Yelp Reviews.
  • Validate the debt – Certainly, don’t take the word of Professional Credit Services. Try to pick-up on the paper trail of the outstanding debt
  • Seek expert help – We recommend Lexington Law or They will investigate and get to the bottom of it.
  • Let the experts settle the debt – Most importantly, if the debt turns out to be valid, it’s still advised to avoid any interaction with Professional Credit Service. Even if you pay, there are reports where they will not even send communications to the credit bureaus. As a result, the negative item will remain on your credit report indefinitely. In contrast, Lexington Law and Credit will have those negative items removed in no time.

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