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Patent Attorney can save you a lot of cash. First of all, a good patent attorney is responsible for obtaining protection for your intellectual property. Above all they work with the client in examining the product and in the patent application process. Unlike other aspects of building your company, the patent process is not a “do it yourself” task. In contrast, the patent process requires specialized help with a patent attorney certified in the field.

What To Look For In A Patent Attorney

Above all, experience is key. If you are dealing directly with a firm, don’t be afraid to ask for references. Most importantly, this is a delicate process that cannot be taken lightly. As a result, you’ll need someone with the innate ability to explain the process as well as simplify the process.

Also, its important to keep in mind that a patent attorney is essentially a lawyer with an added degree in patent regulations. So, as a result, in can be hard to find a cheap and well versed patent attorney that will fit your needs and budget. Above all, your new great invention is only as good as the patent attorney that is working on your patent.

So Where Can I Find A Good Patent Attorney?


Because, patent laws are not localized at state level, a client has the chance to search nationwide for great options. Above all, this opens the door to hire a patent attorney from a plethora of firms. However, there’s really only one option with the experience to deliver best in class results. Certainly, without question, that option is LegalZoom. So why LegalZoom?

First of all, there’s no other company which specializes in the provisional application process for patents, design patents as well as utility patents.

Also, LegalZoom makes the process easy for the provisional application process:

  1. Complete easy online questionarre
  2. Send an illustration of invention
  3. LegalZoom completes a comprehensive patent search and peace of mind review.
  4. Application for patent is filed with USPTO (U.S. Patent and Trademark Office)
  5. Client receives proof of delivery number
  6. The client then receives official notice from USPTO

First of all, with LegalZoom, you’ll have a trusted patent attorney and network of lawyers considered the best in this area. Also, clients can expect a seamless and worry-free process. Above all, this company rocks. To learn more about LegalZoom, take a look at our LegalZoom Comprehensive Reviews part of our Top Marketing Reviews Section.

So, How Much Will These Patent Options Cost?

Even more vital, LegalZoom does a great job of laying out their pricing for the provisional application for the patent. Also, they have great pricing for their design patents as well as their utility patents. So, lets take a look at the costs associated with each.

legalzoom provisional patent application

Also, some people had the question about what is the difference between a design patent and a utility patent. In short, a design patent protect the uniqueness of the design. In contrast, a utility patent protects how an item is used and works. So, to learn more about this check out the LegalZoom Design Patent and Utility Patent Comparison article.

Above all, click the button below to access Design Patent Pricing and info.

Also, click the button below to access Utility Patent Pricing and info.

Patent Attorney Closing Words

To sum up, the patent process is not easy. However, LegalZoom has the tools to take the stress out of the process. As a result, you can expect better results and peace of mind. Above all, they take over the process to make sure that things are done right. Because this is so vital, having someone in your corner is so helpful. Also, what makes them so great is that you can speak with an patent attorney at any time based on your plan. Above all, they know their job and they do it well. If you still need more info, please do not hesitate to contact our experts at any time.