LunarPages provides dynamic web hosting services for shared web hosting, dedicated hosting and cloud based services. Above all, known for their superior value, lunar pages offers some of the best cost effective options in the market. To sum up, with LunarPages, you are getting simple yet professional options for all businesses of any size. Take a look at the PremierNetUSA Digital Marketing Agency LunarPages Review below and see
how this emerging company stacks up against the competition.


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Lunarpages Web Hosting Review 2019

Above all, Lunarpages has established themselves as an reliable and affordable web hosting option for 2019. Lunarpages has been providing quality web hosting services for over 20 years. Most noteworthy, they have been independent and family owned since 1998. In short, one of their most powerful slogans is “We’re not just ahead of the curve. We invented the curve”. To sum up, that’s a powerful statement from a company with the reputation to back it up. Known for their premium dedicated server options, Lunar pages is a trusted partner with Sony, Verizon and others. So, in our Best Marketing Review, we’ll touch on their features, LunarPages Promotions, pricing and support. Furthermore, we’ll highlight some of the clear advantages that they have over others. So, let’s get started.

Lunarpages Review: Shared Web Hosting Options

Above all, right from the start, you see great value from Lunarpages. So, starting at $3.95, you’ll get everything you need to manage one site. On the other hand, for just $1 more, you can get a Free Domain name as well as unlimited bandwidth, storage, email accounts and more. Launch Today And Get 30% OFF On Their Basic Hosting Plan And Save $50.


To clarify, the basic linx hosting option is the best option by far. Also included is website builder, 24/7/365 support and more. On the other hand, if you need Windows based hosting, for $9.95 you can have it with the power and flexibility of Parallels Plesk Panel. Click the get started buttons below to access packages. Personal Web Hosting Plans As Low As $4.95 Per Month At Lunar Pages!

Lunarpages Review: Business Web Hosting Options

Firstly, business web hosting provides more scalability and that’s exactly what lunarpages is offering here. Secondly, the cheaper options that they have are jam packed with features. For example, to drive your e-commerce and lead generation site, they have three tiers of options. For instance, they have premium, advantage and enterprise based packages.


Above all, these lunarpages packages save you money on hosting expenses while helping you to improve profits. In short, the Advantage Package is the most popular option. Free Domain, Dedicated IP and double the bandwidth are three of the more popular options. View Lunar’s Business Hosting Plan And Choose That Best Fits Your Needs!

VPS Scalable Cloud Hosting Review

Firstly, scalable cloud hosting takes hosting performance to a new level. For example, the custom OS options allows the user the ability to have any base o/s installed. As a result, this is great for big projects with specific needs. Also, the control of your resources and free Lunar panel are key. Shop Scalable VPS Hosting Starting at $44.95!


With scalable hosting, their cloud provider gives you the ability to adjust your business’ resources immediately. Furthermore, they will build your own custom cloud tailored to your needs. In short, it’s worth the investment. Pay Only For What You Use With Lunar Page’s Scalable Cloud VPS Hosting!

Features And Pricing

RAM: 1 GB inc up to a total 12 GB of ram $0.60 per GB per day
CPU: increase up to 8 core $0.30 per core per day
Disk Space: $0.45 per GB per mo. (0.015 per day per GB).
Bandwidth: $0.35 per GB

OS Linux Or Windows

Linux – LAMP Stack Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP
Windows – Windows, IIS, MySQL, PHP, .NET

So, Why Choose Lunar Pages Over Others?

First of all, their basic hosting package for just $4.95 is enticing. To clarify, for less than a Starbucks cups of coffee, you can have a site with all of the options that you need to run a dynamic campaign. That is what you call value.
Most noteworthy, their knowledgebase, uptime blog and most importantly, their customer support is top notch. Certainly, their entry level packages on the shared web hosting side for both personal and business are short on inclusions. However, if you go one step up, the value becomes evident. In short, the pricing is unbeatable.

Lunar Pages Support Review And Analysis

First of all, before we begin, its important to note our experience with reviewing support features. Take a look at our other reviews including our HostGator Review, SiteGround Review, 1and1 Review and Known Host Review for more comparisons.


Moreover, lunarpages support is right on par with the rest of the field. Most noteworthy, in our review, we learned that they have US Based phone support. Also, lunarpages has 24/7/365 email support and sales chat support options.


To clarify, the lack of phone support at all times was kind of surprising, but definitely not a deal breaker. In short, they won us over with their professionalism and courtesy. Above all, they were responsive and made us feel like our problem mattered. With hundreds of web hosting services available and millions of clients, you rarely see that. Most importantly, that makes a difference.


Some other cool support options they have is a knowledgebase and an uptime blog. They have an FAQ section, but it’s lacking substance. However, overall their support was adequate and performed as a top 20 option in this area.

Performance Review For Lunarpages

So, getting right to the point, Lunarpages stacks up quite well next to the competition in performance. Powered by multi-tier redundant power systems from three state-of-the-art, peerless data centers spanning across the US, lunarpages is a powerful choice.


Most noteworthy, more features which powers their data centers include:

State-of-the-art monitoring system for problem prevention
Also, Best-of-breed APC PDU technology
Also, Real-time data on operations for easy system mgmt.
24/7/365 Server Monitoring


To sum up, a good way to test performance, speed and reliability is during peak traffic times. In short, lunarpages did well. For example, we had no issues with lag nor latency. Above all, looking at things long term, we were impressed with their DDoS protection. For instance, we had peace of mind when it came to sensitive information on our site.

Lunarpages Review Overall Rating…

Firstly, for our lunarpages review overall rating, they scored a solid 4.49/5.0. As a result, this definitely puts them in the top 15 for best cheap web hosting providers. their Scalable VPS option is a winner. For example, the ability to allocate resources at your discretion at that price point is great.


Free Domain Name – Most noteworthy, most of their packages includes this money saving option.

Quick Set-up and Easy Migration – To clarify, this is an important option for people who need their site up quickly.

Reliability – In short, 99.99% uptime, redundant power and network are all enticing. Furthermore, their cutting edge servers provide the power needed.


Lunarpages Review – In Conclusion:


To sum up, conducting this lunarpages review opened our eyes to this company. We weren’t too high on lunarpages in 2018. However, they have altered their packages to offer more performance at a more affordable price. Build Both Personal and Business Websites At LunarPages Today!


Above all, there are some opportunities with support as we highlighted. However, that has nothing to do with professionalism nor courtesy where they are top notch. In short, their performance was impeccable. Our Digital Marketing Agency highly recommends this brand. To get started with lunar pages, click the button below. Shop Now And Choose Which Plan Fits Your Needs!

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