Lunar Pages Web Hosting 2019 Highlights – 3 FREE Months!

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Lunar Pages is a budget friendly web hosting options for many. First of all, if you haven’t read the official Lunarpages Review for 2019, it’s worth a read. Above all, the content is detailed and provides another avenue for you to learn more about Lunar pages.

Most noteworthy, this article will touch on key elements about lunar pages that will help you understand why they should be on your short list of web hosting providers. In short, we were impressed with lunar pages. Actually, the whole thing with a man in a spacesuit and a big red planet rotating on their website is quite cool. So, even if your not into sci-fi, you have to like how they go about implementing their identity. Most noteworthy, some of their options are “out of this world“. According to SiteJabber, Lunar pages is a rock solid option. So, without further delay lets touch on some notable highlights.

Lunar Pages Key Highlights


lunarpages basic hosting packages

In short, lunarpages has web hosting options for all of your needs. For example, if you are a beginner with very little traffic, their personal hosting options are the way to go. Even more so, the Basic Linux hosting package for just $4.95 gives you performance and reliability. So, from a shared hosting perspective, we definitely recommend this package.

For instance, you’ll get a free domain name, website builder, unlimited databases, email accounts and bandwidth. So, for $4.95, I definitely recommend this option when you need a little bit more power and speed. Click HERE to explore their shared web hosting options.

lunar pages scalable hosting

VPS Scalable Hosting

Above all, if you are looking for even more performance and security, we recommend their VPS Scalable Options. Most noteworthy, scalable options allow clients to allocate resources based on demand. As a result, as a client, you are in the drivers seat with lunar pages. In contrast, with shared web hosting, you are at the mercy of a shared server. In short, scalable web hosting is great for e-commerce sites or sites with the need for power at all times. To clarify, scalable options allows for effective cost controls. In short, there are no maintenance or hardware fees with scalable cloud hosting. Also, clients will have enhanced security with multi-layered protections and individual IP addresses. Click HERE to explore more scalable hosting options.

Lunar Pages Promotions


So, we could’ve included this with the pricing section. However, this promotion is so BIG that it deserves its own part. Certainly, it’s rare to see a promo of this caliber. However, lunar pages has come to play. Web hosting is extremely competitive and sometimes a good promo helps. In short, this one is great.

So, for a LIMITED TIME ONLY, lunar pages is offering 3 Months Free Hosting on their Basic Hosting Plan. Also, included is their industry best Weebly Website builder. Finally, you’ll also get 1 FREE Domain name and WordPress included.

lunar pages special promotion

To sum up, you are getting all of the following for three free months:

  • Weebly Website Builder
  • Free Domain Name
  • 24/7 Support Via Email
  • Free Migration Services
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Bandwidth – Unlimited
  • FTP Accounts – Unlimited
  • Unlimited MySQL accounts
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • $25 Facebook Ad Credits
  • LPCP or cPanel Available

In short, as I highlighted above this plan is good enough to power up to 10 websites. So, to take advantage of this limited time promo, click the button below.

Other Notable Lunarpages Highlights


Firstly, lunarpages boasts nearly 9% faster load speeds (824ms) than their competition. In short, that’s impressive. Above all, speed is important to your site because of the role that it plays in for both conversions and profits.

Automatic Premium Backup Service. Most noteworthy, a lot of their competitors don’t offer this option. With lunar pages they have automatic nightly backups to ensure that information is safe and can be restored if necessary.

Most importantly, their uptime is true to the number. So, based on industry results, their reported uptime of 99.99% is correct. In the same vein as speed, uptime is just as vital. Above all, you need your site available at all times for your clients. Lunar pages delivers on this promise.

Summary – Should I Trust Lunar Pages?

In short, the simple answer is yes. Lunarpages is definitely a top 15 option in shared web hosting as well as VPS based hosting for 2019. Above all, they provide both the speed and security that you need for a small site or a larger e-commerce site. To learn more about lunar pages, take a look at our extensive Lunarpages Review. To get started with lunar pages, click the button below.

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