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Our legalzoom reviews are extremely thorough and detailed. These legalzoom reviews provide valuable information that will help our readers make an informed decision about legalzoom llc and legal zoom will services. Also, our experts cover everything that would be potentially important to you. This includes features, pricing, support and more. Most noteworthy, we do have affiliate links on our page. We may get paid when our visitors and clients make a purchase using our links. Above all, our partnerships have no influence over review results during the production of our Best Marketing Reviews. Lets get started.

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LegalZoom Reviews: Reliable?

LegalZoom is an online legal service that tailors to the needs of all businesses. First of all, this company can help you start the process of forming your own business from scratch. Certainly, you can get started in no time with their legalzoom llc services. Furthermore, they provide an important resource in helping with creating legal docs like a legal zoom will. Finally, they are also good at trademark and patent services.

 LegalZoom History

Starting back in 1999, LegalZoom has redefined how we think of legal care. Most noteworthy, what sets them apart is their big network of lawyers. These lawyers have varying experience in many different areas. Another reason that this company receives high marks is because of their increasing customer base. To date, they have well over four million clients.

This great company offers a 100% guarantee. As a result, if they don’t get it right, you’ll get your money back. That’s peace of mind at its’ finest. Now that you have an idea of the type of company LegalZoom is, lets explore their services and pricing options.


Advantages Of LegalZoom


Peace of Mind Service Options

LegalZoom has a 60 day money back guarantee. Even more, this is the longest guarantee offered by any company in the industry. Furthermore, they also have a cancel anytime policy. Similarly, a client has the ability to void their agreement at anytime for a pro-rated refund. The experts at legal zoom offer a quick turnaround in regards to filing documents. This is important for situations where you are pressed against timetables and need documents urgently.

Amazing Prepaid Legal Plan

This particular Legal Advantage Plus Prepaid Legal Plan allows you to choose council from a trusted selection of lawyers. Clients will have access to legal advice for just about everything. For example, this includes any and all emergencies. Furthermore, customers will have coverage for real estate planning, legalzoom llc service and legal zoom will creation.


Finally, clients will also have coverage for varying financial things such as bankruptcies and contracts. Most noteworthy, customers will have access to lawyers for legal advice for employment related issues. This could include wrongful terminations and compensation disputes. It doesn’t stop there. You can get expert tax advice as well. The LegalZoom Advantage Plus Plan is great. Prices start at as low as $9.95. This is amazing deal to secure legal advice for all of your needs. Click here for more info.

Top Notch Business Formation Services

As a member, customers will have access to regular attorney consultations. As a result, they will help walk the client through every part of the business formation process. The Legal Zoom Business Advisory Plan is considered to be the cheapest and feature rich option that you will find anywhere.


First of all, this game changing plan includes a ton of goodies. For example, it’ll include phone calls with a lawyer and unlimited access to legal forms. But, it doesn’t stop there. Customers will also get document reviews, access to tax experts and more. Pricing for the Business Advisory Plan is $31.25 per month for 1-year plan and $36 per month for 6-month plan. Click here to learn more about Business Advisory Plan.

The Best LLC Experts in the Industry

During our legalzoom reviews, we learned that over one million businesses have used LegalZoom to help them with their businesses. They have the industries best attorneys specialized in legalzoom llc and more. Above all, you can count on them for Corporation, Nonprofit, Sole Proprietorship, EIN and DBA’s. Their services are fast and affordable. Furthermore, they have tax deductible services for eligible clients. You can’t go wrong with legalzoom llc services. To get more info,¬† Click here to learn more.

Amazing Customer Support

From the start, this company has received great reviews for their support. First of all, LegalZoom does not outsource their support calls at anytime. Most noteworthy, all agents are US based. Furthermore, LegalZoom offers support and sales help on weekdays as well as weekends. Above all, this company has licensed lawyers fully capable and trained at handling all customer service needs. They offer email and phone support to go along with their on-call attorneys.

Legal Zoom Will Formation Services

First of all, during these legalzoom reviews, we discovered just how great the legal zoom will service is. It’s by far the best service in the industry. Another thing which makes it so great is the consideration given to each client. They produce professional legally binding wills which makes things extremely easy.


Pricing starts at $69. Furthermore, with their basic plan at $69, you’ll have a legal zoom will managed by expert attorneys. Furthermore, you’ll have free revisions for 30 days. Also, with the $149, you can appoint financial power of attorneys. Even more, you’ll be able to state end-of-life wishes and include a Healthcare Power of Attorney. Most noteworthy, you’ll have access to attorneys for up to one year. Click Here to learn more about this amazing service.


Legal Advantage Plus Prepaid Legal Plan

This legal advice makes a difference when you really need it. Sign up now for unlimited access to trusted lawyers who can help you with pending and future legal needs. This is an amazing offer starting at just $9.95 per month.


Is LegalZoom Worth It?

LegalZoom is a highly respected company with years of experience. They have a BBB rating of A+ with an onsite rating of over 4.7 out of 5.0. This is a legit company with legit results. Above all, based on our legalzoom reviews, we love their services.


Above all, services that impressed us were their legalzoom llc services and their legal zoom will options. Other great services include their business formation options and document creation programs. In our legalzoom reviews, we can tell that they value every client. Even more, they are very transparent with their pricing and inclusions.

Overview and Analysis – Legalzoom Reviews

They have received some questionable reviews. However, the questionable legalzoom reviews reflect unique situations. Consequently, those legalzoom reviews does not represent their full body of work. Above all, I can say that LegalZoom has proven to be reliable in both service and support.



They Have Your Back!

LegalZoom has your back for all of your legal needs. Watch the video below and be inspired.


LegalZoom Simply Rocks!

Our Digital Marketing Agency highly recommends LegalZoom. Above all, we like their legalzoom llc options and legal zoom will services. Most noteworthy, the things that stands out the most, is their transparency. For legal advise, you can’t do better. Click on one of our links below to learn even more about this great company.


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