KnownHost Web Hosting Review
Ultimate 2019 Overview

First of all, Knownhost provides an exceptional experience at a low price point. Also
from a performance standpoint, they have great speeds and reliable servers. So,
while not as highly touted as others, they provide a great balance or price and
power. Take a look at our review below and see how KnownHost stacks up.

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KnownHost Best Rated Package
Shared-2 Standard Package

Most noteworthy, with this Knownhost package, you are getting solid features at 50% off the retail price. As a result, this package includes Unlimited Email Accounts and Unlimited Hosted Accounts. Furthermore, you’re getting LiteSpeed Optimization, Unlimited Premium Bandwidth and more.Finally, their 99.9% Uptime Guarantee will provide much needed peace of mind. Click on Shared/Reseller then Shared Hosting. Use Promo Code: KH50DEAL

KnownHost Web Hosting Review 2019

First of all, with competition at a fever pitch in web hosting circles, it’s refreshing to have a company like KnownHost.
KnownHost is a privately held website hosting company currently based in the USA.
They currently serve customers in over 150 countries with data centers in US and NL.
Known for their state of the art technology, they provide premium service at a cheap price point.
So, in this review, we’ll touch on their features, pricing and support.
Furthermore, we’ll highlight some of the clear advantages that they have over others.
So, to get started, we’ve provided some ratings below to serve as an outline of our review.

Pricing Rating

  • 4.5/5.0

Support Rating

  • 4.4/5.0

Features Rating

  • 4.8/5.0

Why Should KnownHost Be Considered A Top Web Hosting Option in 2019?

First of all, we’ve written some amazing web hosting articles so far in 2019. Check out our 5 Best Cheap Web Hosting Providers for 2019 article which highlights other competing companies in this realm. Furthermore, you can check out our HostGator Review Article as well as our 1and1 Review article.


We wanted to highlight these other companies to provide you with a bigger picture view of KnownHost. Above all, when you compare their feature options to the rest of the field, KnownHost stacks up almost evenly.


Certainly, that may feel a bit shocking, because it is. Surprisingly, they provide a ton of value. In contrast, with other competing companies, you can expect to pay more for virtually the same features.


Most noteworthy, Knownhost uses innovative technology which combines on-demand capabilities with top of the line service. Furthermore, their high quality bandwidth ensures a steady optimal connection.


It doesn’t stop there. Also, their servers are based on OpenStack technology which are efficient as they come. Almost as important is their enterprise grade high quality hardware for both resources and performance.


So, I know that all of these technical terms may seem complicated. However, its not. Above all, this fancy equipment equates to performance, reliability and trust. As a consumer, this is what we can appreciate.

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Best In Class VPS And Managed Dedicated Server Options

First off all, not too many people know that KnownHost offers competitive options beyond shared web hosting. Secondly, they have custom built dedicated server options and best in class VPS options. Both plans are Linux only.


Their dedicated servers are fully managed and are ideal for both novices and experts. Furthermore, their dedicated server options are fully flexible.


Above all, the servers are upgradable for RAM, drive space and bandwidth. As a result, this is great for growing businesses who need full control. Similarly, cPanel is included in all packages.


Click HERE to explore their amazing Dedicated Server options further.

Moreover, their managed VPS options are for virtually everyone. However, their VPS options are really aimed at former shared web hosting users who need more power.


To clarify, they have seven different VPS options which are fully customizable based on your needs. In short, you have to love that flexibility. You can purchase additional add-ons like extra RAM and IP addresses. Most noteworthy, cPanel options are considered as an add-on option.


Click HERE to explore their amazing managed VPS Options and receive your 30% lifetime discount.

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KnownHost Support Review and Analysis

So, everything sounds great about KnownHost and for good reason it should. To sum up, they have great shared web hosting and best in class VPS and Dedicated Server options. So, now we turn to support.


Consequently, we only rated them with a 4.4 in this area due to lack of telephone support. In short, for some, that could be important.


We loved their knowledgebase as well as their ticket options. On the other hand, the lack of person to person intervention was missing. However, they were professional and courteous in their responses.


Overall, their support is solid. During this KnownHost review, they did not specify where their support centers were located. So, it’s quite possible that issues can be redirected to elsewhere out of your region.

  • KnownHost
  • GoDaddy
  • DreamHost


KnowHost Uptime, Reliability, Promos and Guarantee

knownhost review logo[4.8/5.0] Above all, they offer a 99.99% uptime guarantee which is basically zero downtime.   As a result, you can have the peace of mind in knowing that your site is always running with their more than 200 servers. Moreover, their backup options on their VPS hosting packages are great.
knownhost review logo[4.8/5.0] First of all, their admin panel is quite easy to use and navigate. Secondly, they use cPanel for most of their hosting packages including their shared and knownhost dedicated server options.   Most importantly, cPanel is one o the most user-friendly UI’s that will find anywhere.
knownhost review logo[4.8/5.0] Above all, this is a nice touch. To clarify, Knownhost has a 30 day money back guarantee and cancellation policy. In short, just as long as you don’t exceed your monthly bandwidth allocation, you’ll have the freedom to cancel your services. That’s great service.
knownhost review logoSAVE 30%-40% OFF ALL SSD AND CLOUD KVM VPS PLANS – To clarify, this is a rock solid offer. To sum up, you’ll getting power, reliable and a discount. Definitely worth the price. Use Coupon Code KH30LIFE. Click HERE to access promo.   SAVE 50% OFF ALL SHARED CLOUD HOSTING PLANS – So, you are getting 50% off and a money back guarantee for 30 days. This is a no brainer option for those of you looking to manage 5 or less websites. Use Promo code KH50DEAL. Most noteworthy, click HERE to access promo.

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KnownHost Web Hosting Review Overall Rating…

Firstly, for our Knownhost review overall rating, they scored a solid 4.5. As a result, this definitely puts them among the best in shared web hosting, VPS and dedicated server hosting. For example, from a shared hosting perspective we were impressed with the following:

  • Free Automatic Backups – Most noteworthy, some top web hosting providers do not offer this. For example, NameCheap does not offer this option.
  • Quick Set-up and Easy Migration – Also, they promote zero downtime for the process which is essential for a business operating at all times.
  • LiteSpeed Performance – Certainly, high performance processors, DDR4 EEC RAM are nice to have when talking about performance.
  • Premium Features – For example, features like cloud storage, free SSL certificates and enterprise grade SSD disks are great.
  • Reliability – In short, unbeatable uptime, redundant power and network are all enticing. Furthermore, their massive fiber uplinks and experts staff are a nice touch.

KnownHost Review – In Conclusion:

To sum up, their security features like server hardening and DDoS protection is impressive. Similarly, their unlimited email addresses feature is cool for big email marketing set-ups.

Above all, we are confident that with all of the above features, Knownhost can be a more than suitable option for your needs. As a result, we definitely recommend their services.

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