Understanding the Importance of Web Design

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The importance of web design in relation to the success of both an online related business and a brick and mortar based company are equal. Your website can be the foundation and the centerpiece of your business which makes it extremely important that the necessary time and effort is put into creating something memorable and adaptable for your clients. Your site is essentially the headquarters of your brand, product and/or career. Hence, its extremely important to practice good design concepts to make sure that your site reaches out to the maximum number of visitors which ultimately will lead to more sells and profits.

Your website is your brand and your image!

There are many web design tutorials and web design courses littered online that go into some detail about the basics of web design, but most of the concepts are outdated and heavily saturated. If you believe that things change fast offline, understand that things change even faster online and as a prospective business owner and entrepreneur looking to make your mark online, you must ensure that your design, branding, message and plan are both sound and agile.

A Great Web Design will attract more visitors and potential clients.

That is a bold statement that I made above because there are so many other things to consider when you talk about building a successful website and it would be negligent on my part to dismiss the importance of traffic. Traffic is extremely important. Without traffic you wont have sells, clients nor fans. So yes, generating traffic to your site is something that must be planned and mapped out from the very start. We will go into greater detail about the concept of traffic in another article, but for this article, I want you the reader to understand the importance of web design. Why is this?

Quite simply, you can generate all of the traffic that you want, but on average, you have anywhere between 5-30 seconds to capture your visitors attention. If your page does not look visually appealing or even worse, your site fails to load in a timely fashion, your visitors will most likely, hit the back button and scroll down to the next link in their google search. People want information and they want it quickly. Visitors and potential clients also want to believe that the company they are dealing with are both professional and agile. For an industry that lacks that face to face interaction, the way your website looks will not only make a great first impression, but it could also be the difference between landing that sale or not.

Anyone can learn web design for free. There are a ton of webdesign examples online to compare and contrast which can help you learn web designing step by step. We will provide an overview of the few most important aspects of any website that most web design companies like to employ.

Navigation and flow of your website are extremely important. Ensure that you have clear guidelines on the navigation of your website. The navigation menu should be uncluttered and concise so that site visitors can navigate around your website without dilemma, distress and frustration.

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Speed is extremely important when pertaining to Web Design

For some websites, especially music related, portfolios based sites and/or sites with a huge product lines, it is important that you maintain the integrity and speed of your website by optimizing your images so that they still provide what is intended to do but with less weight and drag on the site. Here at PremierListers we specialize in this. It can be extremely costly but we have affordable lost cost options to help our clients improve speed and performance of their site by optimizing certain elements on their site like images.

Keep your wording and content material at an acceptable length. Don’t over saturate your pages with text. Be creative and break up lines and lines of text with paragraphs and well positioned images that highlight what your article is about or what you are looking to promote.

Ensure that your website complies to web design specifications and certain benchmarks. Again, PremierListers can assist with this or more general information on this can be found at www.w3.org. The basis of this is to ensure that your website is cross compatible and can be easily viewed on multiple platforms and different browsers. If you build your website using FireFox, it is important that you test your site on other browsers such as IE, Opera and Chrome to ensure that your site is functionally properly across the board. The way that someone accesses your site is not a one size fits all so it’s important that you you make a website that is compatible across the board. This is where proper design is key and having the proper platform like WordPress and a proper theme that is both responsive and mobile friendly is key.

Speed is extremely important when pertaining to Web Design

Stay away from scripting dialects on your site unless it is completely necessary. Use scripting dialects change data, never to create visual results on your website. Heavy scripts will decelerate the launching time of your site and even crash some web browsers. Also, scripts recognized across all web browsers, so some site visitors might miss important info because of this. Use CSS to create your web page webpage content because they save a lot of work and are more efficient.

I hope that this article has provided you with the basic understanding of the importance of web design. We will have a follow-up to this article which will go into even more detail about the design aspect of a site and how it can be monetarily beneficial. We hope that you enjoyed this article and we hoped that this article helped you get one step closer to unleashing your web potential.

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