I Need Money Desperately – How To Get Cash Fast!


I need money desperately and I need money fast are two phrases that we hear a lot these days. Because of this, we have created this article to help those in need. Above all, by the end of this article, you’ll know the sources that you can turn to when your cash needs are urgent. .

First of all, it’s not the end of the world, if you have found yourself in the position of saying that “I need money desperately”. Things happen. It’s what we do when these “things” happen that shapes us.

I Need Money Desperately Overview

Above all, there are many fast cash options out there. In this exclusive article we will highlight the top 5 options for fast cash.

5. General Bank Loan

Above all, a bank loan could be a nice option for people with great credit looking for more of a long term solution. Also, a bank loan from a big bank could have low interest rates and flexible repayment options. However, there are some drawbacks. First of all, you will have to have good credit. Secondly, applying for a bank loan will impact your credit score. Finally, the process could take time. So, it may not be the best option for people in need of cash right away.


  • No limit of the amount you can apply for.
  • Low interest rates with good credit standing.
  • Repayment schedules that can fit your budget.


  • Credit impacting whether approved or not.
  • Longer approval process.

4. Sell a Trade/Talent

So, do you possess a skill? Do you have a hobby? If so, putting your skills to good use could be a good source of fast cash. For example, writing articles, papers and essays could be profitable. Also things like web design, proofreading and consulting are just some of the things that you can do. To sum up, you can join sites like Fiverr and UpWork to promote your skill. Also, you can showcase your skills in places like Craigslist for free. You can then use social media to advertise your gig. In short, you can be up and running in minutes.

3. Survey’s And Research

Above all, online survey’s is a fun way to make money. For example, SwagBucks.com and MyPoints.com are two of the more popular options. In short, you get points for every survey that you complete. The longer the survey, the more points you earn. Once you reach a certain threshold, you can then cash out.

Also, Yahoo has an exclusive research program. This program pairs consumers with companies for local studies. Studies can pay hundreds per session.

Tax return delayed? Apply for quick cash

2. There’s Always eBay and LetGo

So, when I need money desperately, I sell my used stuff. First of all, eBay is the bread and butter of online commerce. eBay provides a Buy It Now option which allows you to put your used items for sale to get sold quickly. As a result, there’s no waiting time for bids to end. Someone can buy it at the price that you set or you can accept the best offer. I use the Buy it now option a ton. Set the price a little lower than others for the same item. Sit back and watch you get views and offers and no time.

LetGo is another popular option which allows you to sell to locals. I’ve used this with great success. In short, LetGo is a more professional Craigslist. You can review and rate your experience with each buyer. Also, no item is too old or worn for LetGo. In contract, eBay has certain standards on conditions of items. LetGo does not. You would be shocked to see the interest in that old item that you were about to throw away.

1. Quick, Fast PayDay Loans

Apply For A PayDay Loan For Free!

So, when I need money desperately, I turn to payday loans. PayDay loans provide a quick and easy way to get cash in no time. For example, you can apply online in 5 minutes and have cash in your account in 24 hours. It’s that simple. No credit checks. No hassle. All you need is to be currently employed and have a valid checking account. As a result, you can have up to $5000 in your checking account in one day. To learn more about payday loans, read our What Are PayDay Loans article. Also, read out article which highlights the Best Payday Loans Online options. Here are the pros and cons:


  • No Credit Checks
  • Fast approval in minutes
  • Cash available in as little as 24 hours
  • Cash for any situation including emergencies, car repairs, unexpected expenses, bills, vacation and more.
  • Free Application. No cost to apply.


  • These are short term loans that are due back by next paycheck or within a few weeks.
I need money desperately

Above all, when I need money desperately, payday loans is always one of the first options. Just make sure that you pay it back on time in case you need to get more cash in the future. To sum up, we’ve highlighted the Best Payday Loans Online options for you in our ARTICLE. Take a look to see which option is best for you. Also, take a look at some of our other money making articles: