How To Raise Credit Score By 200 Points – Ultimate Credit Tips

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How to raise credit score by 200 points is a question that humbles everyone. First of all, having bad credit limits a person’s ability at owning a car, buying a home and opening up new lines of credit. Also, you can expect higher interest charges and higher security deposits. Above all, these imposed limitations create both financial and mental stress. In short, having bad credit is not fun. However, there is a way forward.

How to raise credit score by 200 points has never been so easy. Finally, there are tools that can help individuals get the financial redemption they deserve. Above all, everyone needs a chance to secure financial freedom without limits. So, what are the steps?

Step 1: How To Raise Credit Score By 200 Points

First of all, it’s important to note that fixing your credit takes time. Consequently, someone can destroy their credit and reputation in no time. On the other hand, repairing such mistakes can be done, but not at the same velocity that it took to destroy it. However, all is not lost. We’ve outlined some key items and initiatives that can be taken to fix your credit.

Be Honest With Yourself

Above all, bad credit is not the end of the world. The faster that an individual identifies their credit situation, the faster it can be fixed. Firstly, no more shredding bills without opening them or putting them in a cold dark place never to be seen again. Secondly, going forward, the mentality must be about identifying the issue immediately instead of running away from it.

Get Your Free Credit Report at

Subsequently, you should obtain this free report immediately. In short, its free and very informative. This will allow you the chance to check for any possible discrepancies and inaccurate details. After that, make note of anything that is incorrect. To sum up, we’ll show you how to challenge those errors and get them removed immediately. Most noteworthy, yu can only use this option once every year.

For additional reports, I recommend Lexington Law. They provide free report, score and analysis.

Step 2: How To Raise Credit Score By 200 Points

So, at this point, you’ve committed to focusing on your credit and you’ve obtained your free credit report. So, what is next?

Take advantage of a Free Consultation with a Credit Repair Professional

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For example, most credit repair companies like and Lexington Law offer a free consultation which includes a thorough credit analysis. As a result, you can get expert advice with no obligation.

Professionally, I recommend both and Lexington Law for the following reasons:

  • Remember those inaccuracies that you found in your report? They can have those removed quickly. So, why is this important? Removing negative items from your credit report is key in how to raise your credit score by 200 points fast. To clarify, they can do something in days which could take you months.
  • Even more so, they work with debtors to reduce or eliminate your debt entirely. For instance, they send good faith letters to companies on your behalf. As a result, these letters reduce or eliminate your debt completely. Hence, further increasing your credit score.
  • Also, clients receive a personal online dashboard, score tracker and analysis and expert credit monitoring.
  • Most importantly, the process is simple. They repair your past, monitor your present and build your future.
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In short, and Lexington Law will check, challenge, change and build credit back 100% faster than what someone can do on their own.

So, complete step 2 and get your free consultation and one on one review from and Lexington Law. Also, check out our Credit Repair Companies Review for more info about these great credit repair companies.

Step 3: How To Raise Credit Score By 200 Points

To build credit fast, sometimes you have to open up lines of credit. So, how does someone go about doing this?

Apply for a low balance credit card or secured credit card. Don’t worry about APR. Depending on your credit history, your APR may be high.
However, if you follow these instructions, it will never come into play. Also, you may have to put down a deposit equal to credit line. Do what you have to in getting a credit card. This small investment will go along way.

Above all, the purpose of this credit card is not to save it for emergencies. Make small purchases with the card every month. Never exceed more than 30% of the total credit allowed. When the bill is due, pay off the balance in full every month. As a result of doing this you are building your credit fast. This will result in an increase in credit limits. Most importantly, credit scores will rise big time.

Summary of How To Raise Credit Score by 200 Points

The steps that we’ve outlined have been done hundreds of times with amazing results. To sum up, the keys on how to raise credit score by 200 points are:

  • Don’t ever think that it’s too late.
  • Take control of your finances
  • Be Honest With Self
  • Get Free Credit Report
  • Get Free Consultation with
  • Have or Lexington Law remove negative marks from report
  • Also, have these credit repair companies send good faith letters on your behalf.
  • Sign-up for Premium Service with for long term financial health
  • Sign up for credit card. Pay off full balance in full every month. After three months, score will start to rise quickly.

Above all, the small investment that you make in repairing your credit today, will save you thousands in the future.

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