Google AdWords Tips For The Digital Marketer

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Google Adwords has become a staple for the online marketer looking to grow their audience. Above all, google adwords provides a medium which allows anyone to showcase their products or services. What makes it so great is how anyone can have a successful marketing campaign if they know how to maximize their budgets. In this exclusive article, we’ll highlight the top 3 best practices that should be implemented into all google ad campaigns.

Google AdWords Best Practices

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First of all, here at our Digital Marketing Agency, we consistency use PPC options as a means of garnering new visitors and clients. Above all, with the right precision, you can narrow down who, where and how your info is delivered. That’s truly amazing. Google Adwords continually adds new functions as well. As a result, detailed data is becoming more available. Also, with these changes comes the ability to modify your campaigns even more based on your needs.

Best Practice #1

First of all, Google Adwords has three main category of keywords. They include Broad Match, Phrase Match and Exact Match.

One of the most important things to do is to do your keyword planning prior to developing your ad. As a result, this will allow you to ensure that you are using these categories correctly.

Many people make the mistake of using Broad Match too often. While broad match can be effective, you are opening your campaign to a more general audience as opposed to a specific audience. In short, with broad match, google will show your google ad to anyone who types any keyword related to yours. This could be great for generating leads for a particular niche. However, this is not as great for marketers selling specific items using google adwords.

So, for specific items, it’s important to focus more so on Phrase Match and Exact Match. So, what’s the difference? With Phrase Match, you would enclose your keyword with quotation marks. Example is below:

  • Phrase Match Example – “best website hosting” instead of best website hosting

The quotation marks allows for variation in front and after your keyword. So, while “best website hosting” may be your focus, Phrase match will allow you to also target people who may have searched for “who has the best website hosting” and “best website hosting for cheap”.

Lastly, Exact match is similar to Phrase match except your ad will only be shown to the people who type in the exact keyword. You will surround this keyword with brackets like the example below.

  • Exact Match Example – [best website hosting]

To sum up, having a game plan on how to attack these three areas will be key for any successful google adwords campaign.

Best Practice #2

Above all, having an enticing landing page is key. In short turning clicks into conversions is the ultimate goal. And, this can only happen if the landing page is clear, neat and professional. Some google adwords techniques that I recommend adding to all of your landing pages include:

  • Videos – To sum up, videos rock. For some, video comprehension is easier and more convenient. The conversion rates on pages with videos is amazing.
  • Add a Call To Action Button near the top of the page. This will make google happy and sets the tone for your page.
  • Don’t be afraid to try out multiple versions of your landing page to see what has the highest conversions.
  • Also, make sure that your landing pages are mobile friendly. In short, more than half of people will view your ad from a mobile device.

Best Practice #3

Google Adwords negative keywords is a big one. Many marketers choose not use these because they simply don’t understand the purpose.

First of all, negative keywords allow you to exclude keywords from your campaign that may not be profitable. For marketers using Broad Match and Phrase Match for their keywords campaign, this is especially important. In short, negative keywords saves you time, money and helps improve your ROI.

Most importantly, negative keywords allow you the ability to not show your ad to people not interested in your product. That’s a huge win.

Google Adwords Summary

Here are some other tips to consider for your google adwords campaigns: