Freelance Writing Ideas


Freelance writing is a popular method for earning money online by creating writing content for various platforms and niches. For example, freelance writers are adept at writing content for websites, creating content and advertising for both businesses online and offline as well as things like essay writing services and blog writing services. Above all, the options are endless.

Freelance writing includes cultivating a great reputation while generating lots of web traffic. In this article, you’ll find the best tips and practices for growing your business with this form of marketing. Also, we’ll provide some insight on different approaches and ideas that writers can take to earn even more cash.

Tips To Grow Your Client Base In Freelance Writing


Above all, you may have the skills needed to succeed in freelance marketing. However, getting clients and traffic is the hard part. First of all, one idea is to offer people an incentive to subscribe to your newsletter. This can include access to a free report or something similar. Above all, this incentive will entice prospective clients to join your e-mail list. In short, the little extra work that you put into providing something free will reap rewards in no time. To sum up, you are building a funnel that you can advertise your services to for years to come.


So, its important to note that the email newsletter should be full of quality content. This should be a piece of cake if you are in the field of freelance writing. No one likes spam. Certainly, you do not want to give your readers the impression that you are trying to spam them. Potential clients will unsubscribe fast if you send them irrelevant info. So, avoid this at all costs.

Market Your Services

One great way to advertise your freelance writing services is by operating a blog. Above all, strategically you’ll want to use your blog to market your work. Even more so, you can allow your site to display your skill level and experience by continually posting quality work on your blog. The more engaging content that you can supply for your readers, the more likely that they will get more profitable services from you.

Blogging is a nice way to grow your blogs content. There are many free blogging platforms that will help you get started fast. Also, you can opt for more premium solutions and hire an expert web design agency to design a website for you. Above all, blogs are very simple to start and operate. In short, blogs create a need for visitors to return. That’s how you build your brand. Also, that’s how you build loyalty.

Tell your readers something important. Above all, the key here is to build long-term business relationships with your visitors. And, the only way to do that is with valuable and informative content.

Also, from an SEO standpoint, continually posting quality content will help you get indexed on search engines. To sum up, your content will show more often on organic searches for that specific topic. In short, this is a form of free promotion for you. We’ve written an SEO Google Ranking article which go into detail about the potential here.

Think Outside The Box

Freelance writing is highly competitive. And, you need an advantage. First of all, you need something that differentiates yourself from others. Sometimes that can come in the form of the content that we are producing. If 99% of your freelance writing work is of the text variety, I recommend some change.

That change could be simple. Focus on video instruction and video transcribing for your niche. Many people like video because it’s convenient. For instance we conducted a case study on the influence of YouTube On Digital Marketing and it was eye-opening. Offering video related services will open the door for more potential clients.

Secondly, pay attention to trends with relation to your vertical. Don’t be afraid to pivot and/or employ a new approach that is generating a buzz. Above all, things change fast online and marketers in freelance writing need to be agile enough to respond accordingly.

Freelance Writing Summary

Finally, if you need any additional tips, we have written some amazing content on various niches including tips for marketing as an affiliate, strategies around article marketing, and freelance digital marketing best practices. Also, you can email us at any time with any questions. To sum up freelance writing, ultimately, it will come down to being consistent and offering a value proposition better than the next person. In short, that’s the sweet spot.