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FatCow currently stands as one of the most affordable web hosting options in the industry. Their current 65% off promotion drops their already low price to just $3.15 per month. For less than a cup of coffee, They offers some of the best pricing that you will find anywhere. As a result, it’s why PremierNet recommends them as a leading option in cheap web hosting for 2019. 65% off at FatCow! Here are all of the great features included:.

  • Free Domain Name
  • Unlimited Mailboxes
  • Free Website Builder
  • Unlimited FTP Users
  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Script Barn Included
  • No Limit Bandwidth
  • 24×7 Support
  • No Set-Up Fees
  • 30 Day Money Back
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FatCow Review

First of all, Fatcow was founded in 1998. From the moment that they started, they have always been known for its quality web hosting and cheap prices. Above all, they offer industry leading support and prices that cant be beat. As a result, thousands of clients have looked to them for their web hosting needs.

This review covers pricing, fatcow webmail and a lot more. In short, this review will uncover the truth behind just how they are. To sum up, we’ll provide details on both the pros and cons associated with this great company. So, lets get started on this review.

FatCow Pricing and Features

First of all, their pricing is one of the main factors that differentiates them from other companies. They offer an interesting and competitive pricing proposition that is intriguing. The original fatcow plan is a game changer. For example, for just $3.15 per month you are getting features that will cost you nearly three times that much with other providers. Also, there are no set up fees and no activation fees. In contrast, other web hosting providers can charge up to $100 for setup.

Above all, when we break down the features associated with the package, the advantage gets even bigger. For example, you are getting all of the following:

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Databases
  • Free Domain
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited Fatcow email and Fatcow webmail
  • Free Site Builder Tools

Most noteworthy, the 30 day money back guarantee is a great fall back option for anyone looking to test the waters first. Similarly, a lot of webhosting companies offers this but with limitations. However, with them, this applies to all of the hosting options. Also, as a bonus you are getting the following with the Original Plan:

  • $100 Google AdWords Bonus
  • $100 Bing Ads Search Credit
  • Free WordPress Blogging Tools

Additional Features

Similarly, they leave nothing for chance. They want their clients to have the ability to operate multiple sites at all times. For instance, the original fatcow plan also includes daily server backups, load balanced platform and Multi-GB connections. In short, these options provide the peace of mind you need in starting a website.

Also, their Green Certified Hosting is a nice touch. For example, they take pride in an eco-friendly operation. As a result, this allows them to run a lot more efficient.


Finally, from a feature and performance perspective, they respectable uptime and response time marks. For instance,they have a 99.99% uptime guarantee which assures all clients that their sites will be up and running 24/7. Also, they did great in response time. Here is a graph from hostingmanual.net which highlights their performance in milliseconds.

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Support And Security

Above all, they offer 24/7 customer support via chat, phone and email. During this review, we had the chance to test their support functions and we were impressed. Response times were quick and agents were kind and warming. In short, they were knowledgeable and ready to help.

Also their ticketing system as well as their extensive online help center is fluid. Similarly, we were impressed with their support via social media, especially twitter.

Lastly, their knowledgebase which consists of step by step tutorials for using your control panel and settling up your account is nice. To sum up, we gave their support good marks.

Security Options

First of all, from a security perspective, FatCow is right on par with other web hosting providers. For instance, they offer a Free SSL certificate and SSL secure server. Also, they provide their clients with a SiteLock free scanning service to prevent issues with Malware and other malicious attacks. Above all, they provide adequate security.


Most noteworthy, here is a review from a recent client which highlights their support and security:


“Their support is great. They walked me through the setup process and with additional questions that I had about plan and security features. I’m new to this stuff but they were very helpful” – Michelle

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The Complete Truth

Above all, this web hosting provider has proven to be a leader within the industry. In short, based on the included features, their pricing is some of the best that you will find. Also, we like their style. They replace a lot of the technical jargon with fun humor. As a result, it makes the shopping experience easier and quite fun.

Most noteworthy, it’s important to note that they offer amazing add on options for search engine optimization via SubmitNet. The SubmitNet Gold Package if free for the first month. It includes options like URL submissions, business directory submissions, keyword analysis, competitor analysis and more. Also, another interesting add-on is their G-Suite plan which integrates gmail with your account. For example you can access files from anywhere and have a gmail account with your domain name. This is $6 extra month.

To sum up, this web hosting provider has options for small single sites, multiple sites as well as ecommerce sites. Without a doubt, the pricing is enticing and their solid support makes them a winner. The complete truth is that we like how they focus on one plan for their shared web hosting option. It’s not complicated. In short, the process is both easy and fun. Above, all we recommend their services for sure in 2019 and beyond.

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