FatCow Email Is Not That Bad


Fatcow email based services are actually quite good. Recently, we conducted a Fatcow Comprehensive Review which looks at pricing, features and support. However, during this in-depth review, we did not go into detail about just how good their email services are. So, In this article, we’ve put fatcow webmail services on it’s own platform to show clients that fatcow email services are actually very good.

First of all, their powerful browser based interface is smooth and user friendly. The user is in complete control. As a result, the user can set up the interface to their liking. As a result, it makes it more personal. Even more so, the user has the ability to set up and sort folders to further optimize their email. As a result, this leads to an increase in both speed and efficiency.

FatCow Email To Do List and Calendaring

FatCow Email
FatCow Services

Also, another cool option included with fatcow webmail services is the easy to operate to do list and calendar. For some, having this type of organization is key and they deliver big here. For example, clients will be able to manage their day and schedule with just a few clicks. Even more so, the built in scheduler helps clients with reminders for meeting, dates, calls and more. Similarly, Fatcow email scheduler can help with posting tasks to other users and groups. Overall, its a great user experience for something that is included in the price.

Address Book Functionality

Fatcow webmail interface allows the user to modify and delete user entries. Also, users have the ability to share contacts with colleagues and create shared groups. To do this is simple. In short, you would access the fatcow login control panel and adjust the fatcow email settings to your liking. To sum up, it’s great for beginners. Furthermore, if any help is needed for fatcow email sign up or for fatcow email log in, clients can contact support via the fat cow control panel.

Also, another nice touch with their address book is the LDAP compatibility. For instance, with LDAP you can find friends and colleagues via online directories. Most noteworthy, it’s similar to the technology being used by social media giants.

Other Enticing Fat Cow Email Features

So, other great features included with Fat cow email is the option to have multiple fatcow.com email accounts. Also, the single interface comes in handy when trying to retrieve more than one account.

Seems like, with all of these options, fatcow email is not a bad option. In contrast, with other companies, you could be stuck paying a lot of cash. However with fatcow.mail, the user will have everything that they need already included. Here are some more features:

  • Access Email Via POP3 and IMAP email clients.
  • WAP Device Support
  • Build In HTML Editor

To sum up, our Digital Marketing Agency feels that their service is good enough for standard use. In short, we recommend Fatcow especially with FatCow Shared Web Hosting just $3.15 per month. In short, their shared web hosting service is both affordable and reliable. You get amazing value when you combine these great email features with robust shared web hosting options like:

  • Free Domain
  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • No Limit on Mailboxes
  • No Limit on POP Mailboxes
  • $100 Adwords credits
  • and more

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