Ultimate Guide To Grow Your Email List For Your Business


Email List for a business is one of the most profitable ways for a company to grow and expand its client base. First of all, the costs associated with building and maintaining an email list is minimal. Secondly, since most email marketing campaigns can be automated, developing and maintaining a successful email marketing campaign can be done with very little resources. As a result, email campaigns allows companies to put key parts of their business on auto-pilot while allowing their employees to focus on other more important tasks in their company.

Below, our Digital Marketing Company has highlighted proven and effective ways to grow your email list. Most importantly, these tips and methods are simple to implement and easy to replicate. First of all, it’s important to note that email marketing is not dead. In contrast, it’s actually just beginning. Actually, its taking off like never before. Companies have once again become enamored with the idea of both communicating and promoting via emails because of it’s simplicity. So, lets take a look at some of the simple ways that you can grow your email list and also take advantage of this growing segment.


Best Tips To Grow Your Email List

So, why is it important to continually grow an email list? HubSpot recently conducted a research on email lists and found that nearly 22% of email marketing databases degrade each year. That’s a big number. There are many reasons for this. First of all, it all starts with quality. When communicating with your contacts, it’s important to provide relevant and meaningful content that matters. Above all, it should provide a need and provide a solution to a potential problem. Secondly, when building an email list, it should include clients that actually want to be in the list. Finally, it’s about consistency. A company should deliver consistent content that the reader values and want more of it. So, here are some of the best tips to accomplish all of these objectives:

Consider Providing Incentives

  • Provide Giveaways – Above all, this is a great way to create excitement with your brand. The idea behind this is to have people sign up using their email for a chance to win a particular prize.
  • Coupons Still Work – A great way to grow that email list for your business is to offer coupons for products and services associated with your site. This actually helps your business in two ways. First of all, you are securing the email. Secondly, you are potentially getting someone to spend their hard earned cash with you. It’s a win-win.
  • Create A Quiz – What’s great about creating a quiz is that your company is increasing engagement levels with your brand while growing your list. You can use free tools like SurveyMonkey to host your quiz. Participants would enter their email to either sign up for the quiz or to see their results.

Grow Your Email List By Riding The Social Media Wave

  • Participate in Social Media Groups – Obviously, this pertains to more smaller companies or start-ups, but it’s something that still can be implemented everywhere. Interacting in Facebook Groups and LinkedIn Groups is a great way to establish your presence and build a network. You can share your link privately or post the link to an opt-in page.
  • Facebook AdsFacebooks ads are not free. However, depending on how much you value your email list, this could be well worth it. In short, with Facebook ads, you can target clients interested in a specific niche. Even more so, you can target ads locally as well. This guarantees that you are getting more quality traffic. The job here is to direct people to your opt-in page. Once there, you can add an incentive, as described above, for your visitors.
  • Add Social Proofs – Social proofs provide relevance and it shows how many people have already subscribed. This will give your readers more confidence in following suit.
  • Social Media Sign-Up Buttons – Sign up buttons is a great way to grow an email list. For example, with FaceBook, you can place one within your top banner. An example is below.
FaceBook Sign Up Button Example
  • Twitter Lead Generation Cards – These Twitter lead generating cards is a nice way to promote your email list campaign. Above all, the idea strategy behind this method is to turn followers into prospects. Below, is an example of how these Twitter cards look. To break it down, the company delivered an interesting message to its followers pertaining to the product that they offer. The company included a call to action within the message, telling their followers to join now. Finally, they offered an incentive AND added a “Join The Club” button.
Twitter Lead Generation Card Example

Grow Your Email List By Elevating The Content On Your Site

  • Utilize Gated Content – There’s a few ways to do this. Most noteworthy, you can section off a part of your site for premium subscribers only. Instead of charging a fee, a reader must supply their email to unlock gated content.
  • Content Upgrades – This is done with a lot of news publications. For example, they offer anywhere between 10%-40% of the content for free. And, to unlock the rest, a reader would have to enter their email and register. Also, a content upgrade could be in the form of a PDF copy of the article or a cheat-sheet. Even more so, it could be a checklist, a video copy of the article or even a list of applicable resources.

Even More Great List Building Ideas

  • QR Coding – QR codes are a great way to build your list with mobile customers.
  • Viral Marketing – This consists of taking advantage of trends related to your niche. This could include a news topic or a new app that is drawing buzz. Taking a piece of the a topic that is trending and putting your own unique spin on it can help your services get noticed.
  • Ensure leads are niche specific – Avoid generic looking forms. Add some credibility by adding elements that pertain to each specific niche that you are trying to capitalize on. Above all this will help with conversions at the end.
  • Podcasts
  • Loyalty Program
  • Referral Program
  • Understand Your Data – Use Data gathered from Google Search Console, AwStats in Cpanel as well as sites like Moz and SEMrush Analysis Tools to understand the behaviors of your visitors.
  • Non Intrusive Exit Pop-ups
  • Local SEO and Local Meets

Other Things To Consider When Building Your Email List

Above all, content and quality are extremely important. Sending generic emails is never the answer. Everything from the timing of an email down to the design of the template will play an important role in just how successful your email list will be. Therefore, we strongly advice businesses to invest a small sum of their operating income into professional email marketing services which provide automation, beautiful templates, tracking and monitoring. Also, the top email based services allow clients to segment contacts, enhance mobile delivery as well as boost marketing opportunities with features like coupons, events and polls.

Best Email List Options To Improve Performance

Certainly, you can expect a huge return on your investment by utilizing the top services to handle your email campaigns. Some of the top companies include:


Email List For Business Summary

To sum up, we’ve shown you the most successful methods that other companies are doing to improve on open rates as well as conversion rates. Also, we provided some detailed examples to show you just how easy these tips are to implement for any company. Finally, we’ve provided an overview of the top companies that can help you send out stunning emails to your clients. Because, once you actually build your list, then the battle starts with making sure that you retain them.

Above all, its about building long term relationships with your email list. This is what will help grow your list and improve your overall performance. 98.4% of consumers actively look at their email daily. In short, that’s a huge number. That number also represents an opportunity. Grow your list ethically and make it work for you. Use social media as well as incentives to promote your list. You’ll have success in no time.

Contact us with any questions. Also, feel free to read our other email articles found in our Company Blog as well as our Marketing Reviews section.