Digital Marketing Resume Best Practices


Digital Marketing Resume requires a little bit more detail and craftmanship than other Resumes in different fields. Above all, your digital marketing resume should be able to tell a story about how you are the best qualified candidate for the job. In this exclusive article, we’ve highlighted the best approaches and best practices in relation to creating a dynamic digital marketing resume. So, lets get started.

Digital Marketing Resume Overview

First of all, your resume should provide great detail on past responsibilities associated with the position that you are seeking. Above all, a good practice is to find curated job responsibilities that are used by some of the most prominent companies. These assets should help provide a starting point on the specific details that can be highlighted about previous tasks that were performed.

Most noteworthy, your descriptions should be short. However, they should be detailed enough to tell your story. In short, it’s a delicate balance. The goal is to be able to fit your relevant work experience, accomplishments as well as education onto one page. To sum up, this can be done. Above all, just stick to the talking points.

How Should A Digital Marketing Resume Look

Above all, while the content may be unique, the overall format will be the same as other resumes. First of all, you should include at least 10 years of work experience. Also, within each job, you should stick to seven or less bullet points for each job. No bullet point should be longer than two sentences. Your education section should be short and to the point. In short, you should only put the school that you attended and the degree that you received. Certainly, applicants do not have to be descriptive here. Above all, a degree will speak for itself. Especially a degree related to the position that an applicant is seeking.

To sum up, your Digital Marketing Resume should have a clear objective and job description with 10 or less years of relevant experience. Also, a digital marketing resume should highlight education as well as applicant skills. Even more so, the skills section is very important. This will be the opportunity to incorporate “trigger words”. So, based on the space that an applicant will have left, this section should feature about 5-10 bullet points of skills related to the position. Here’s a best practice for how to target which trigger words to use. Go to the companies website. Check their mission statement. Also, check their services section. Call or chat with their support team. The objective here is simple:

  • Learn about the direction of the company
  • Find out the past and current focuses
  • Understand the goals that the company is trying to achieve

So, based on your research, you can now align your skills with their goals and create some powerful skills bullet points.

Mistakes to Avoid When Creating a Digital Marketing Resume

First of all, keep it to just one page. Secondly, think of a resume as an outline to a story. Above all, allow your cover letter will provide the details needed to showcase your skill set. Too many applicants create multiple page digital marketing resumes which is a big no-no. Some major companies wont even interview an applicant that broke this unspoken rule. Above all an applicant’s resume should be filled with bullet points. In contrast, the cover letter could be more long form and should have no bullet points.

To sum up, don’t get caught up in the design aspect of a resume. Yes, it should be unique. And, yes it should stand out. However, don’t over do it with the bells, whistles and 3D designs. Here’s a best practice. Use a professional yet simple design for your resume and cover letter. For in-person interviews, make sure that you use specific high class resume paper for your digital marketing resume and cover letter. Trust me, a way to stand out from the crowd is the type of paper that you use.

Also, I would work on a 30-60-90 day action plan. Above all, this action plan should highlight your goals and expectations for your first 90 days. This should be in PowerPoint format. Even, if it’s not required, present it at the end of the interview. In short, it will leave a lasting impression with the recruiter.

Digital Marketing Resume Summary

Well, we hope that you enjoyed this article. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Also, if you would like us to review your resume before you submit it or go to an interview, use our contact form to send us the Resume. Also, check out some other exclusive marketing skills content from our partners including Udemy Digital Marketing Skills Course. Above all, these courses can help to improve the skills that you need to land your next job. Additionally, you can check out some more digital marketing content from PremierNetUSA including our Freelance Digital Marketing Article as well as our Digital Marketing Case Studies Section.

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