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Dedicated Server Web hosting is the preferred option for many companies because of the flexibility that it provides. For companies with a lot of traffic demands, this type of option is by far the best choice. The best things in common with companies considered to be the best cheap dedicated server web hosting options are increased up-times due to higher performance and stability. Also, you’ll find the lack of congestion issues that you normally find with shared hosting plans.

Enhanced security features are another key selling point when deciding between web hosting options. Above all, companies interested in dedicated server hosting can initiate certain security protocols like anti-virus and malware protection. This is critical for clients with a huge e-commerce base looking to install their own scripts.

Dedicated Server Web Hosting Lowdown

Also, during our review of the top dedicated server web hosting options, we looked at support. For dedicated server web hosting, support is so important. Efficacious support ensures very little site issues. The best dedicated servers web hosting options all provide 24/7 support which is very important.

So, which companies are considered the best cheap dedicated server web hosting companies for 2019? Based on uptime, speed, features, support and pricing, here are your best dedicated servers web hosting options for 2019.


Best Cheap Dedicated Server Web Hosting

BlueHost Features

From a performance perspective, Bluehost did an amazing job of separating themselves from others for three main reasons. In terms of speed, they outpaced others with their custom built in-house server solutions.

This solution provides the ability to upgrade and make changes when needed. That’s huge when you consider how traffic may fluctuate based on which campaign a client runs. Their OpenStack technology, which is built on a minimum of four cores provides a nice option unlike their rivals.

Another key thing which received high grades is their fast provisioning process. Time is money and they understand this. While some dedicated servers can take weeks to configure, Bluehost can get a client up and running within hours. Above all, that quick response is vital. Especially, when you are trying to capitalize on a particular niche/trend.

Finally, from a performance perspective, savvy clients can have unmitigated control over everything from the operating system to Apache. This is an dream for advanced users. Their use of mirror technology via RAID storage ensures for continued protection and efficiency with their servers.

Based on all of the above things, they finished with a 4.9 Performance rating on a 5.0 scale.

Their Support Options

Similar to their shared web hosting support, Bluehost received elite marks for their overall Support. Above all, they were solid in all areas including ticket support, live chat and phone-in support. Support were responsive and timely. Similarly, they provide a much needed 24/7 support channel which handles all issues.

Pricing Options For BlueHost

bluehost pricing

When we rate pricing, we are not just looking at the actual price in comparison to other companies. We are looking at the overall “value proposition”. Based on performance ratings, Bluehost received a 4.8 in pricing relative to performance. Essentially, you are getting some of the best value for your dollar with Bluehost.

BlueHost Summary

I recommend Bluehost as the preferred option for best cheap dedicated server option in 2019. Above all, it came down to their performance, speed, uptime and customer support. I recommend getting started with the Standard Package which includes Free SSL, 24/7 and a 30 day money back guarantee. Click below to get started.

1&1 logo

#2 Dedicated Servers Web Hosting for 2019 1&1 Review

1&1 Features

If this choice surprised you, then we are definitely doing our job. We take into account all aspects of hosting and 1&1 IONOS performance ratings were amazing.

Looking at performance, what really stood out to us were their usage of HTTP/2 technology. As a result, this helps with page loading speeds. Also, it helps to boost performance by caching your website. They do this by sending it to local sites across 62 data centers. This Content Delivery network is great. Also, their Dedicated Server Web Hosting plans features a network capable of handling huge spikes in traffic at all times. 4.7/5.0


First of all, their tailored support with a personal consultant is a neat feature. So yes, you heard that right. An actual personal consultant. Above all, there’s nothing better than having a personal consultant looking over your well-being. This is a feature that is a nice touch.

1&1 Pricing

1&1 Plans

1&1 Dedicated Server Web Hosting pricing is some of the best in the industry. Based on the performance that we highlighted above as well as DDoS Security protection and Advanced security features like SiteLock and Wildcard SSL certificate, we are impressed with their service. 1&1 IONOS Dedicated Server Web Hosting easily scored a 5.0/5.0 in this area.


In a competitive market, 1&1 IONOS brings a lot to the table. From their pricing structure and full support providing the latest version of PHP which enables your websites to run faster to their personal consultant, 1&1 IONOS has proven to be one of the best cheap dedicated server web hosting options in 2019. Check out some of our other 1and1 web content including our 1and1 Web Hosting Review, 1&1 Webmail Analysis and out Best Cheap Web Hosting Article all found in our Best Marketing Reviews Section.

hostgator logo

#3 Best Cheap Dedicated Servers Web Hosting HostGator Review

Features For HostGator

HostGator has proved to be strong in both Shared Web hosting as well as Dedicated Servers Web Hosting. Their resume currently consists of over 8 million domains and over 10,000 powerful servers.

Above all, their service options provide performance and flexibility. Also, from a performance perspective, they boasts best in class SSD and HDD hard drive options which allows for flexible server options based on the needs of the client. Furthermore, looking at performance, their DDOS level protection and IP Based firewall allows for efficiency and optimal performance. 5.0/5.0

Most noteworthy, they have server resources which provides instant scalability for their clients. This feature is important to the client because it allows the client to allocate resources to maintain peak performance at all times.

HostGator’s advanced management features are industry leading. Above all, they feature cPanel and WHM options which are available on all Linux servers for powerful management of both hosting-specific functions and overall server configuration. This is some great stuff.


First of all, what really put HostGator over the top were their remarkable and trusted world class support features. Their 24/7/365 server monitoring ensures that clients can have the peace of mind in knowing that their business will be running at all times. As a result, it stops the loss of clients due to downtime issues.

Unlike other companies that we reviewed, HostGator actual has a full training portal which consists of over 500 videos and nearly 1000 articles dedicated to tips for dedicated server web hosting.

When we sum it all up, they deliver performance at a low price. Lets take a look at this competitive pricing:

HostGator Pricing

HostGator Logo

Most noteworthy, they offer a competitive lineup of features based on the scale that you are looking for. Starting at $119.00 per month (37% off), you can have your very own server with 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD and truly unmetered bandwidth. This is a great value. Lastly, to get started click the button below and secure this pricing now.


If you are truly concerned about security, flexibility, speed and support then HostGator should be your choice as the best cheap dedicated server web hosting service in the market. Above all, Dedicated servers web hosting options are ideal for larger businesses who own and operate high-traffic websites.

With HostGator, you’ll enjoy great options, settings, installation, and flexibility; all backed by their unparalleled support. Hence, that’s what you call a winning solution.

We recommend HostGator for your dedicated server needs in 2019 and strongly advise our readers to take advantage of their 60% Off discount. Click below to get started. Also, here is some other HostGator content including our HostGator Review and GoDaddy vs HostGator Review article.

Comprehensive Breakdown

24/7 Support Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Linux Servers Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Windows Servers Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Overall Rating 4.9 4.81 4.7
Performance 4.91 4.8 4.91
Support 4.7 4.8 4.9
Pricing 4.91 5.0 4.4
Security 4.82 4.7 4.91

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