Credit Repair Companies Ultimate Guide

Credit Repair Companies Ultimate Guide takes a look at the top credit repair companies for rebuilding credit. Specifically, we took a detailed and comprehensive look at CreditRepair.com and Lexington Law Credit Repair Services. First of all, we’ll dive into the robust history of both credit repair companies and provide an in-depth overview of both companies. Secondly, we’ll breakdown features, pricing, support and more. Lastly, we’ll provide an overall analysis for each company in helping our readers choose which options will help them the most with credit repair. Most noteworthy, we have affiliate links on this page. However, our affiliate partnerships have no bearing on the outcome of our reviews. Since this article contains a wealth of important credit repair info, we’ve provided quick links for access to any section of article if needed.


CreditRepair.com: Advantages | Testimonials | Pricing | Free Consultation | Why CreditRepair.com

Lexington Law: Advantages | Free Consultation | Pricing | Reviews | Why Lexington Law | Closing


CreditRepair.com Advantages

  • Rich Online Dashboard which tracks credit scores throughout the entire process rom start to finish.
  • Good Faith Letters sent on behalf of the client which helps to reduce and eliminate credit debt.
  • Superior Credit Tracking Tools
  • Mobile Application Access
  • Superior Customer Service
  • Lifetime Score Improvement
  • Fast credit repair
  • Free Personalized Consultant
  • Free Credit Report Summary
  • No Fee Score Evaluation
  • No Fee Credit Score Game Plan

CreditRepair.com Credit Repair Experts is one of the most respected credit repair companies in the world. Above all, their main goal is to help clients achieve higher credit scores. Credit Repair.com will fix your current credit situation while helping you to build and secure your future. They are able to do this by using credit repair services focused on debt reduction and improved financial health.


Creditrepair.com has best in class tools for rebuilding credit. Also, with training and guidance, they empower their clients to develop a better relationship with their credit. Above all, this helps a client gain financial freedom. As a result, it opens up chances to improve their lifestyles. Clients are able to apply for auto loans, home loans and personal loans in no time.


For example, with creditrepair com, clients have seen credit score increases of 200+ points in little to no time. These are great results. In addition, they account for nearly 20% of all negative credit marks removed as reported by the credit bureaus. Click here to see how it works. In short, this is a company you can trust.


First of all, CreditRepair.com boasts an 8.7 out of 10 Trust Score. That is quite impressive. Above all, they are a company that have been in business for over 20 years. Known for being pioneers in the industry, they continue to grow and be innovative. Their great techniques have helped to make them one of the best credit repair agencies in the world. Above all, they are known for their knowledge of credit law and policies. As a result, they’ve established themselves as one of the best credit repair companies for rebuilding credit fast.


CreditRepair.com Top Testimonials

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The ultra friendly experts of creditrepair.com are waiting to answer any and all of your credit related questions.



First of all, there is no better price than free and that is where we begin. CreditRepair.com is offering a free consultation, credit score evaluation and game plan at no cost. This limited time only promotion allows clients to test drive their service. To get started now, click HERE.


 Most noteworthy, their main credit repair option is priced at $99.95 per month. So, for $100, you can begin to gain control of your situation right away. Above all, this will help you achieve lower interest rates and have access to more loan options. This package includes a personal online dashboard and a score tracker with analysis. Similarly, it also has mobile apps and Transunion credit monitoring. Even more so clients will have extended support with an expert loan consultant. Above all, based on the options included, they definitely provide more bang for your buck.


Also, with creditrepair.com, there are no long term contracts. Above all their goals are simple. Their $99.95 plan will help in repairing past credit issues fast. Similarly, other features include tracking your current credit status and tools to lower debt effectively.


Questions about the $99 price tag? It’s quite simple. For a little less than $4 per day, you will save thousands of dollars per year in interest and finance related charges. As a result, over the term of a home loan, auto loan, and/or college loan, you will have saved tens of thousands. This is well worth the investment.


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The ultra friendly experts of creditrepair.com are waiting to answer any and all of your credit related questions.



When it comes to fixing credit fast and responsibly, no one does it better than CreditRepair.com and Lexington Law. These credit repair companies are the best at what they do. In the case of CreditRepair.com, they fix your credit in three easy steps outlined below:

Step 1: First of all, this step happens at the very moment of initial sign up. Secondly, this includes pulling credit reports and identifying items that can be quickly challenged or changed with expert intervention. Finally, based on this review a focused game plan is set into action.


Step 2: This is the most vital step. Experts at CreditRepair.com will interact directly with creditors. They will professionally challenge policies and help to use credit rules and regulations in your favor to lower or eliminate the debt. They will also confirm such changes directly with Credit Bureaus.


Step 3: Watch your score increase FAST! Above all, you will be able to monitor your progress via text alerts, online dashboard and mobile app. Contact the credit repair experts


Most importantly, to be considered the top credit repair companies, a organization must have great support staff and structure for its clients. And, CreditRepair.com has just that. They have three main HQ locations in the US and have great telephone support hours for all clients. For example, hours span in times from as early as 7AM until as late as 12 midnight. These extended hours allow everyone to be able to handle there credit related business. As a result, you can handle your rebuilding credit related options at your convenience.

Also, CreditRepair.com offers credit repair services and support via social media. Finally, CreditRepair.com has licensed and seasoned lawyers. These lawyers are ready to help you with credit repair and rebuilding credit.


Their turnaround time is amazing. First of all, we were impressed with their responsiveness. You really don’t see this type of service among other credit repair services. It was refreshing to see such great support. Get help to achieve your credit goals


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The ultra friendly experts of creditrepair.com are waiting to answer any and all of your credit related questions.


Lexington Law Advantages

  • 10,000,000 total negative items removed from clients credit reports last year alone.
  • Focuses on mentoring clients on credit behaviors to sustain and to continue to build credit after intervention.
  • Advanced Credit Tracking Options
  • Bureau Challenges
  • TransUnion Updates
  • Cease and Desist Letters
  • Identity Protection
  • Free Personalized Consultation
  • Free Credit Report Summary
  • No Fee Score Evaluation
  • No Fee Credit Recommendations

Above all, Lexington Law gets the job done. They have experts who understand credit laws and how to leverage them in their clients favor. It’s no surprise why millions of customers continue to call upon Lexington Law for credit repair and rebuilding credit services. Similarly to CreditRepair.com, they have helped people turn their bad credit into good credit no time.


Credit laws change regularly and its important to have a company who is on your side that can help you navigate through it all. As they boast on their site, “credit is not a life sentence, it’s a number”. A number that can be changed fast in your favor with the right expert help.


For example, Lexington Law specializes in removing negative items like missed or late credit related payments. Also, they work with getting mistakes fixed fast as well as removing questionable items on your report that can cost you upwards of 100 points each. In business for over 20+ years with over a four star rating (BestCompany), they have proven to be a company that you can trust and rely on.


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Call now for your no obligation, no contract, absolutely free professional consultation.
The ultra friendly experts of Lexington Law are waiting to answer any and all of your credit related questions.



Similar to CreditRepair.com, Lexington Law also offers FREE Consultation, FREE access to TransUnion Reports and FREE Credit Score recommendation. You are saving over $100 with this limited time only offer. To start now, click HERE to start the process of rebuilding your credit for FREE.


So, as you can see below, Lexington Law has three main packages. Most noteworthy, its key to understand that these monthly packages can be discontinued at any time. The average amount of time that people generally use these packages range from 3-12 months. Above all, it really depends on your credit history. Also, its not just about fixing your credit. It’s about allowing it to continue to grow for months and years to come. So, lets take a look at pricing and the different factors.

lexington law reviews pricing

First of all, the Concord Premier Package is their most popular option among clients. There are great benefits included with this package. For example, clients will get Inquiry Assist and Report Watch. Inquiry assist is a credit repair tool used by great credit repair companies like Lexington Law to confront unfair credit score damage caused when companies check your credit. Report watch is a proactive step to help coach the client on how to address damaging credit situations in the future.


Also, included is TransUnion alerts and Creditor Interventions. Creditor interventions is a powerful step used by these top credit repair companies to address scoring issues with creditors and each of the credit bureaus head on. In short, they will do all of the leg work for you. For a monthly price of $109.95, you can have everything that you need to fix and rebuild your credit fast. This monthly investment will save you tens of thousands of dollars in the future.


“I received help right away. They actually answered all of my questions for free. I decided to get one of the packages and haven’t looked back since. I’ve been using then for over three months and my score continues to rise.”  Lester – 2019

“Tried endlessly to contact credit bureau about two mistakes. It took two years and never got it fixed. I contact Lexington Law and they fixed it in no time. Worth the money. Thanks – Bailey 2019

“Truthfully, I would’ve paid any amount of money to fix my credit. The problem was trust. Many places claim to fix your credit and they really don’t. Lexington Law is different. They walked me through every part of the process and I saw my score improve almost right away. I’m so grateful” – Tiffany 2019

“So professional. So helpful. I’m so glad that I found them. I was going nowhere fast with my credit but they changed that for the better. They’re great.” Mason 2019

“So professional. So helpful. I’m so glad that I found them. I was going nowhere fast with my credit but they changed that for the better. They’re great.” Mason 2019




First of all, to be considered one of top credit repair companies in the industry, the organization must have results. That’s exactly what Lexington Law has. Most noteworthy, they have helped over 500,000 clients achieve credit freedom. Above all, its a great feeling when you can live without the burden of debt and bad credit.

Simply put, Lexington Law are experts at what they do. So, how do they do it? By using some or all of their clients legal rights to fair and accurate credit reporting, including rights under FCRA, FCBA, and FDCPA, thousands of people have legally and successfully restored their credit and improved their credit score. Lexington Law is someone that you want in your corner to help to improve your credit to buy a home, car, send someone to college and/or just for better financial health.



CreditRepair.com and Lexington Law each delivered great scores of 9.6/10 in our overall credit repair companies rating scale. Above all, based on our review, there is no doubt that both companies represent the best in credit repair and credit fix options.

To sum up, the price point for both was a big win for us. Some private firms will charge you thousands of dollars for this type of improvement. Also, these private firms offer no guarantee. If the price point for both seems like a lot of money, lets put this into proper perspective. Just a small increase in your overall credit score can and will save you thousands. Truly, it’s worth the investment.