Cover Letter For Job Application


Cover letter for job application is one of the most important parts of the application process. A well crafted cover letter can help to make an applicant stand out from a competitive field. Because, a cover letter is so important, our Digital Marketing Agency has compiled some of the best tips and best practices associated with cover letter format. Above all, by the end of this article, you’ll be able to create a dynamic cover letter for job application that will resonate with hiring managers and ultimately, help you land the job of your dreams.

Best Practices For How To Write A Cover Letter For Job Application

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First of all, unlike a resume, a cover letter allows an applicant to directly express why they are the best candidate for the opening. In contrast, a well-written resume is more about bullet points and specific details. However, with a cover letter, the applicant has a chance to:

  • Explain in greater detail about qualifications for a job
  • Provide a more formal introduction to hiring manager
  • Highlight more skills applicable to available position
  • Create a compelling story about you as a person and as a professional.

Above all, its important to get the structure of a cover letter right. The following components should be included in the development of your cover letter:

  • Contact Info including phone number, email and address.
  • At least 3-4 paragraphs including an introductory, sales pitch, call to action as well as an summary.
  • Cover for job application should be in letter format finishing off with “sincerely” or “regards” and your name.

So, in regards to introductory paragraph, applicants should use this opportunity to introduce themselves and state why they are a great fit for the position. In short, this is very similar to an objective section for a professional resume.

A “sales pitch” paragraph should highlight qualifications. And, it should tell a story about how your skillset will help their company grow.

Finally, the “call to action” paragraph should highlight the need for an interview. It should talk about the need to discuss qualifications further.

Cover Letter Tips and Cover Letter Format

Here are some of the best cover letter tips to help guide you through the process:

  • Keep the cover letter to just one page.
  • Make sure that the cover letter is positive
  • Use Standard Fonts (Times Roman, Arial, Cambria, etc)
  • Never mix font types or font sizes
  • Ensure that you follow business letter format. Columns should be aligned.
  • Use Focused Keywords that will capture attention of manager. Some examples includes words like: Proactive, Leader, Problem Solving, Interpersonal, Resilient, Responsible, etc.

Cover Letter Example for Cover Letter For Job Application

So, we are nearing the home stretch. We are almost done. Below, we’ve included an example of a cover letter that we recently completed for a client. So, lets take a look:

Cover Letter Example

Now, don’t pay too much attention to the design. Instead focus more so on the format of the text. Above all the design is great. However, it’s key to nail down the format. Visit our Resume and Cover Letter Design Center for affordable options like this.

Above all, we hit on trigger words, “sales pitch”, “call to action” and summary. As a result of this great cover letter, our client was able to get the job. And, so will you. It may seem like a lot. However it’s not. It’s recommended. 86 percent of managers stated that cover letters makes a difference in the hiring process. That’s a big number. Above all, that shows why it is so important.

Summary For Cover Letter For Job

To sum up, cover letter for job application is just as important as a professionally written resume. Feel free to contact our agency with any questions. Also, we have free resume and cover letter review service for our readers. So, some key things to remember is make sure that the spelling and vocabulary are perfect. Also, cover letter format should be fluid. In short, use that chance to tell the manager why you are the best fit. Finally, stay positive and you will do well. Once you try a few, the cover letter for job will become easier.

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