Constant Contact vs MailChimp Review And Analysis

Constant Contact vs Mailchimp debate is one of the hottest topics in email marketing. When it comes to service and reputation, both constant contact and mailchimp are considered best in class. However, in the battle of constant contact vs mailchimp, which company is truly the de-facto #1 option in email marketing. Buckle up your seat belt because our review is about to crown the true and undisputed king of email marketing services.

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Mailchimp vs Constant Contact Overview

Review Shortcuts: Overview | Email Deliverability | Reporting | Free Offer | Automation | Design Elements | Pricing | Summary

The constant contact vs mailchimp email war is an epic one. There are numerous email marketing entities in the marketplace today all vying for the title to be the best. Also, in this competitive landscape, Constant Contact has been the go to option in the industry for more than 20 years. Similarly, Mailchimp has established their enviable reputation for the work they have done with some major corporations.

As a result, both have dominated this industry for sometime. 2019 figures to be no different. In this constant contact vs mailchimp review, we’ll focus on the five must-have email marketing features. Also, we’ll highlight which company it truly the premier option in the industry.

Constant Contact vs MailChimp: Email Deliverability

In this mega-battle between constant contact vs mailchimp, we actually start out with arguably the least enticing subject of them all but definitely the most important when you factor in it’s importance to an email marketing campaign.

When our Digital Marketing Agency is dedicating both time and resources to our email marketing campaigns, it is important that our efforts aren’t wasted with emails being sent to spam folders or even worse, not being delivered at all. As a consumer and business owner, we demand reliability and ultimately results in this particular area.

Both Constant Contact and Mailchimp have some the highest scores in this area, but Constant Contact gets the win in this area with deliverability rates consistently reaching near 98%. Mailchimp wasn’t too far behind with deliverability rates hovering around 96%. Constant Contact also has the edge with their enhanced spam tools and abuse detecting technology.


Email Reporting And Analytics

Above all, having access to relevant and timely data is one of the most important elements of any email marketing campaign. First of all, I am happy to report that both constant contact and mailchimp provide detailed reports and data for many specific areas including bounce rate, open rate and clickthrough rate.


However, one company does it better and that company is Constant Contact. In this epic battle of mailchimp vs constant contact, sometimes it’s the little differences that makes all of the difference.

Impressive Results

Certainly, we were thoroughly impressed with the features and detailed reporting that Constant Contact had to offer for their clients. Also, we were impressed with the incorporation of Google Analytics. Above all, this is a must have option. Setting up Google Analytics did take an additional step with Constant Contact but we appreciated that because it added an additional security element to the process.


Also, with Constant Contact, you have the ability to monitor campaigns over time with their enhanced engagement report. Even more so, clients can track which campaigns got the most clicks in comparsion to others with the heat map tool.



Constant Contact delivers big time in this area providing 60 days of service for FREE! No credit card required. No Contract required. We were extremely impressed with this offer and recommend to test drive their services today.

Email Marketing Automation

Constant Contact has several automation capabilities including setting up specific triggers based on different online behavior. However, Mailchimp wins the battle of email marketing automation because of it’s simplicity yet efficient, effective and fully integrated automation options. Moreover, options that you can expect to see with mailchimp is specific “set and forget” triggers tailored to the clicks that you are receiving.


Also, mailchimp’s automation toolkit includes automation of segmented contacts and a more diverse selection of social media and app integration. Most noteworthy, this provides ample ability to nurture and cultivate leads. Another nice feather in the cap for mailchimp is their inclusion of autoresponders. This is included with each and every plan that they offer.


Email Design Elements

First of all, this is one area where Constant Contact is superior to all rivals including mailchimp. Secondly, we did an extensive review of Constant Contact, specifically looking at their design elements. Also, we took time to look at their design structure and templates. In short, we were impressed.

In contrast, Mailchimp may offer more editing functionality, but Constant Contact offers more professional templates. To sum up, their templates are flexible and mobile responsive. In an age where clients are relying more of their mobile devices, this is an great asset. We liked the simplicity in using the intuitive editing platform.

For instance, everything seemed seamless and easy to use. Certainly, we did not have to spend hours learning how to adjust certain elements as you would with other email marketing companies. The diverse selection of edible and beautiful templates are nice. This is key when you are creating a campaign that is dedicated to a certain niche.


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Constant Contact Pricing vs MailChimp Pricing

So, In this constant contact vs mailchimp war, there are some unique differences in pricing based on what your needs are. In short, we are going to break down the two main aspects of each of their pricing plans to determine a winner.

Free Email Options

Just to get started, pricing is based on email list size as well as enhanced features. First of all, the enhanced features package for Constant Contact is known as their Email Plus Plan. For Mailchimp, their enhanced features package is known as their “pro subscription” option. Mailchimp has a forever free plan which includes up to 2,000 email subscribers and up to 12,000 emails sent monthly with email/chat support only eligible in the first 30 days. In contrast, Constant Contact provides a 60 day free offer which includes up to 100 email contacts with full support for the duration of your trial. Click here to see more details about free offer.

So, on the surface, the forever free plan seems like the more logical winner in this area, but the lack of support and premium features may be options that people need. And, you only get that with Constant Contact. From a Constant Contact perspective the free trial affords you the opportunity to test drive their full services. Above all, for this aspect of pricing, mailchimp wins slightly based on volume. However, it’s close because of the lack of support.


Basic And Premium Email Plan Options

Above all, this is why PremierNetUSA is considered the best when it comes down to reviews. Our Digital Marketing Agency looks at every aspect of a company and provide the information that you need to make an informed decision. Many reviews were adamant about how mailchimp is a cheaper alternative to constant contact, but this is not the case.

First of all, Constant Contact blows mailchimp out of the water for premium options. For example, lets use an email subscriber base of 5,000 emails for this scenario. The Email Plus option for Constant Contact for a subscriber base of 5,000 emails monthly will cost you $95 after the free trial on a month to month basis. If you opt for 12 month pricing, you’ll get a 15% discount reducing the pricing even further to just $80.75 per month.

In contrast, using the same subscriber base for Mailchimp, a 5,000 email subscriber base will cost you upwards of $50 per month plus and additional $199 per month charge for their “pro subscription” feature package which is identical to the Email Plus package that Constant Contact offers for as little as $80.75 with their 12 month subscription. So, with Constant Contact you are saving $169.25 per month and over $2000 per year. I think that we have a definite winner in this area.



Constant Contact delivers big time in this area providing 60 days of service for FREE! No credit card required. No Contract required. We were extremely impressed with this offer and recommend to test drive their services today.


Constant Contact Is Superior In Email Services

Above all, Constant Contact proved to the more the dynamic option for your email marketing needs in 2019 and beyond. In a decisive victory, Constant Contact soared above mailchimp in design elements, reporting, analytics, deliverability and pricing.

So, In an epic battle of constant contact vs mailchimp, mailchimp did hold their own in automation. Also, they did well in tools and ease of use. However, the lack of support with their free plan after the initial 30 days and the lack of design elements hurt. Also, their template selection was not that great. To sum up, pricing and support is what gave CC the edge in this battle.

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