Constant Contact - 2019 Email
Marketing Powerhouse

We have completed a detailed and thorough review of Constant Contact to help you
the eager marketer, make an informed decision about which email marketing
company will help the most in driving targeted traffic and conversions for
your business. Constant Contact impressed us mightily with their vast
array of features offered at an extremely competitive price. Lets take
a detailed look at Constant Contact pricing and features to see why
they are the industry's preferred go-to option.
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Quick History About Constant Contact

For the past 24 years, Constant Contact has been slowing building an online marketing empire, now developing and operating as an Endurance business unit featuring some of the biggest companies of the internet marketing world. Constant Contant’s immense portfolio now includes over 5 million business customers strong and that numbers continues to grow daily because of their reputation and dedication to serving and empowering the needs of millions of small businesses across the world.



CC’s mission statement is both a testament and reflection of how they operate their business today. Specifically, CC lives by the promise to “help small businesses navigate the promise, power, and potential of the web.” That’s a strong and inspiring statement which sets the bar for this review.


What Makes Constant Contact So Different?

When reviewing and analyzing the features that Constant Contact offered, four distinctive options really stood out:

Design Options (5/5)

100+ Mobile Optimized Email Templates

Knowledge Base (5/5)

A huge catalogue of valuable content

Real Time Reporting

Tools to track results in real time


Elite level Support Options

We really liked the responsiveness of this feature and were extremely pleased with the amount of data available. At the end of the day, operating a business is a full-time job and you need full time solutions with full time answers. Constant Contact’s real time reporting provides just that.


With Constant Contact, you’ll be able Track your success with real-time reporting and robust analytics, so you know who’s opening what and which emails work best. This will allow you to get more targeted emails in front of people that matter which will easily lead to higher conversions and profits


An important part of a successful email campaign is the design aspect of
it and this is where CC excels greatly. They impressed us with the wide  range of templates readily available for edit. Additionally, we really liked the easy to use and easy to edit editor which even a novice can get started using and making magic with right away.


Their drag and drop editor is simply revolutionary, giving you the time back that you used previously for editing your templates to now having the freedom to operating other aspects of your business. They absolutely blow MailChimp out of the water in this area.


CC offers an immense knowledge base platform which consists of tutorials, trainings and guides all for free. You really won’t see something like this which provides so much valuable content, yet included for free. Amazing touch especially if you need help to get your campaign off the ground fast.

SUPPORT (4.7/5)

From a customer experience perspective, Constant Contact excelled greatly in this area, providing support via phone, chat, email and even social media with a quick tweet. The only opportunity that we see here is the opportunity for 24/7, 365 day support. However, they do have great times to accommodate the needs of a business almost all the way up until midnight in some cases.

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Constant Contact Best Offer / Best Promo for 2019

Constant Contact delivers big time in this area providing 60 days of service for FREE! No credit card required. No Contract required. We were extremely impressed with this offer and recommend to test drive their services today.


Constant Contact Pricing and Packages for 2019

As is the case with most email marketing companies, Constant Contact pricing will be based on list size. I am happy to report, this is where the similarities among companies stop. From a pricing perspective, Constant Contact pricing packages offers the most features for the cheapest price. So not only are you getting superior service and quality, you are getting an amazing price point as well. For pricing, we easily gave Constant Contact a 4.9/5.0


Constant Contacts packages are broken up into two distinct categories which are Email Basic and Email Plus. The Email Plus package gives you everything that the Email Basic package does, but has some unique game-changing add-on advantages including more Storage, Dynamic forms, Email Automation, Subject Line A/B Testing, Online Donations, Surveys and Polls, and Coupons. Essentially, the Email Plus package provides everything that you will ever need including the kitchen sink. Just kidding about the kitchen sink, but you get the idea.


We had the opportunity to test drive these packages and they really do deliver. They changed my business around a lot and I continually use Constant Contact for my campaigns. The package that I highly and truly recommend is the EMAIL PLUS OPTION. For us, we chose the List size of 2500 but that may vary based on your business needs. We loved the ability to automate our email campaigns and love the ability to incorporate surveys and polls to get real time updates for specific topics in relation to our business. Additionally, the EMAIL PLUS option provides more storage and allows more users which we needed greatly. To learn more about the Email Plus option or to get started using Constant Contact, use our quick link button below.

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Constant Contact delivers big time in this area providing 60 days of service for FREE! No credit card required. No Contract required. We were extremely impressed with this offer and recommend to test drive their services today.


Constant Contact Email Marketing Overall Rating...

Constant Contact puts the fun into email marketing. We thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of their admin panel and ultimately using and setting up varying amounts of email campaigns that were highly successful. We gave Constant Contact and overall 4.9/5.0 in the Email Marketing Category which is the highest result for any company in this sector that we reviewed for 2019.


Based on our review, their is no contest between Constant Contact and Mail Chimp. Constant Contact is so consistent and proficient in all facets of the business that their top rival just doesn’t stand a chance. The battle between Constant Contact vs MailChimp is a lopsided one in the favor of Constant Contact. Choosing Constant Contact for your email marketing needs is choosing professionalism, reliability and results. It goes back to their mission statement that I highlighted at the beginning about “helping small businesses navigate the promise, power, and potential of the web.” Start using Constant Contact today by using the button below.

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