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CityBlast is an organization of social media and real estate experts that will improve your social media presence and engagement by delivering fresh local content as well as dynamic featured listings. This CityBlast Review takes a look at pricing, features and how this company can help clients win their local listings and grow their real estate audience. Get started today for FREE with City Blast.


So Why CityBlast?

First of all, the question shouldn’t be “Why CityBlast?”, rather it should be “Why Not CityBlast!” Above all, They have helped more than 25,000 Real Estate Agents generate over 2 million leads by improving their social media presence with local branded content. In short, they have helped Real Estate Agents grow their audience and attract more new qualified prospects. CityBlast will help agents maximize their reach by targeting the right audience with fresh innovative techniques. Even more so, they will help your company lower their ad spend, build brand loyalty and ultimately, make more profits. To sum up, that’s a winning strategy. So, Based on our Best Marketing Online Review of this company, CityBlast has proven to be the experts that you can rely on. Get started with today for free!

Dominate Your Local Real Estate Market With CityBlast

Cityblast was established and founded in 2011. And, since their inception, they have remained as the go to options for the social media management needs for all Real Estate Agents. Above all, what makes them so good is their laser like focus on local media services. First of all, each client and locale is unique and they understand this. Most noteworthy, they know both challenges, opportunities associated with the real estate market. Why? Because, they are former agents themselves. More importantly, they have the tools to overcome such challenges that will grow your market fast. Adweek wrote an article highlighting the importance of social media in real estate in 2019 and beyond. CityBlast has taken advantage of this and have helped their clients grow their business in a big way.

Free To Start With CityBlast

City Blast is offering a 14 day trial absolutely free. Try their Free 14-Day Trial! Click Here! This will allow you to experience their powerful user dashboard as well as their immense social media management options for free.  Free Social Media Experts! Learn More! Still not convinced? Below, our Digital Marketing Agency has highlighted four reasons for why they should be your go to options for your Real Estate Social Media Marketing needs.

CityBlast Pricing

Most noteworthy, they offer some of the lowest pricing in the industry for social media management services. Starting at just $49.99 per month, you can get SEO and growth management services as well as optimized and rotated ads. Also, clients will get expert support, local targeted audience and more. For more info on pricing click here and then click on “pricing” at the top of the page.

Awesome Support

So, we did a complete review on their support and came away impressed. Their support is 100% real human expert support. This is key. The Real Estate business as a whole is all about engagement. Also, CityBlast does a great job of being their for their clients at all times. In contrast, other companies rely on automated and email options too much.

CityBlast Features

First of all, they have great packages dedicated to Social Media, Newsletter, SmartLinks, Campaigns and Growth. Secondly, each package has its own unique merits. However, they all have one central theme which is to elevate your brand and to drive quality results for their clients. Certainly, these packages will help you increase traffic and leads. Even more so, they will improve brand loyalty and reputation.

Free Is Free!

So, at the end of the day, why not try them out for free? They offer a 14 day free option so that you can try them out without the worry of any long term commitment. It’s worth it. Above all, their service will allow you to focus on your clients while they do the rest. In short, that’s a great investment. Win your listings. Grow Your Social Audience Free! Click Here!


Our Take On CityBlast

“The City Blast Social Media Expert Package is a game changer for Real Estate Agents. For $99 a month, you are getting everything that you need to put your social media campaigns on autodrive. All of the time spent on building your brand on social media can now be saved; allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business. Also, if you sign up for the yearly option, it will cost you just $83.25. A $16.75 savings. This is well worth the investment.” – CEO, PremierNetUSA

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