Best Website Design Basics Explained


Choosing the best website design for your needs is one of the most important elements in web design. This article has been created to help you in choosing the best website design that best fits your niche. Opting for a reliable design agency can help expedite this process. A good reliable design agency can help you in bringing your ideas to life. Whether you are working with a design agency or looking to create and develop your own website, I have outlined a few basic steps and fundamentals involved with creating the most dynamic and best website design for your profession.

Best Website Design Basics: Simple Yet Attractive

With the advances in technology, many people are exploring the idea of creating a website for themselves. While this is noble, I definitely recommend acquiring the service of a design agency that has affordable web design packages. This will free up time for you to run other important aspects of your business. There are some things to avoid if you decide to take on the task of building your own website. For example, you’ll want o secure premium web hosting options as opposed to free options. When a client opts to build their site utilizing free services, you are limited in the things you can do. Shared hosting on a free server will leave you with a slow website with frequent downtimes. Choosing a free website hosting option is like choosing to build your new business on a cracked foundation.

We recommend choosing a reliable premium web hosting provider with advanced features and services. Companies that we recommend include 1and1 Web Hosting Services and HostGator Web Hosting. Click here to check out our exclusive 1and1 Web hosting Review for insight on their service. HostGator Web Hosting is also a great affordable option which costs less than a cup of coffee. Both options are reliable and fast with great uptimes and customer support options.

Free Is Not Always The Way To Go with Web Design.

With free web hosting sites, you’ll find that a lot of the templates have been used over and over again. So while it may be simple in nature, you are losing style points on the uniqueness and attractiveness of your website.

You’ll have approximately thirty seconds to impress your potential clients. With so little time, it’s important that you are incorporating the best website design possible that stands out from others. Your site design should be lively, full of content and should inspire your visitor to explore your product.

This type of engaging content can only be had with professional web design services that cater to your individual niche. Your web design should reflect that. Do not get too fancy with too many pictures and videos as these elements can slow down your site. You’ll want to make sure that you have enough content to be attractive and to truly represent your brand. Most importantly, you’ll need to keep it simple enough to ensure the speed and efficiency of your web site.

Make sure that your site design of choice is responsive and mobile friendly. Everyone uses cellphones now and you could be missing out on clients that are mobile centric. Always double check the way that your site loads and displays on all platforms.

Best Website Design Basics: SEO Friendly Content and Google Ranking


Search Engine Optimization is a critical element in building the best website design possible. SEO will help you drive traffic to your brand new site and ultimately help you land a higher google ranking.

When creating content for your site you should organize your content in way that will maximize on the keywords. Understanding what your most important keywords are is extremely important. This will help you dedicate the necessary resources into your seo campaign.

You’ll need to invest a lot of time in researching which keywords are the most effective for your product/service. You’ll want to look for low competition keywords that you can grow your business with. You can do this by hiring an seo company or purchase applicable keyword related tools.

If you would like more information on the process associated with google ranking, contact us. We can help you with your google ranking as well as your keyword search campaign.

Best Website Design Basics: The Dynamics

There are two best website design options that you can choose from. The “one page” design option puts all of your content on a single page broken off into sections. Another option you can go with a more traditional site design which has multiple pages. In either scenario, you should have an About Page, Contact Page, Services/Product Page and your Home Page. This would be the absolute bare minimum. I would also recommend a Terms and Conditions page, privacy page, and a FAQ page as well.

The best website design is a mixture of some multiple trending elements. These elements help to create a simple user-friendly and navigation friendly website. This will help to get your visitor to check out your entire site. Make sure that your menu options and important links are clean and clear.

Best Website Design Basics: Make it Engaging

We are creating a website because we are looking to monetize the site, sell and/or promote something. There are many other reasons but even those reasons all share one similarity which is the need for traffic/visitors. Continually posting content on your site will make clients want to come back for more. Even if you are just selling one product or service, make it engaging. You do this by posting articles and reviews in relation to the product. Helpful tips, tutorials and videos are great ways to diversify your content. Setup a contest and/or giveaway and keep a running update on the site. Make your site fun and something that people will visit more than once.

Best Website Design Basics Summary Including Links and Details for Web Design Packages and Google Ranking Information

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Best Web Design Basics