AWeber Pricing Plans Review And Analysis

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AWeber Pricing is considered by many to be some of the most affordable options in email marketing. First of all, has been the go to option for experts needing quality email services for nearly 20 years. Secondly, this great company prides itself on innovation and cooperation. Also, their affordable aweber pricing plan options are a direct reflection of these core values.

So, in this aweber pricing plan review, our experts highlighted pricing, features as well as promotions. Above all, our intention is to help buyers make an informed decision about who they should invest their time and money with for their email service needs. In short, this is a competitive landscape. And, with so many options, it’s important to know which companies are producing the best results while offering the best value. So, lets get started.

Comprehensive AWeber Pricing Breakdown

Most importantly, depending on the velocity of your email campaigns, pricing may not be too big of an issue for you right now. However, if your brand is growing, your email lists will continue to grow. As a result, expenses for email services will skyrocket. Ultimately, you’ll need a reliable company who offers great prices and great value.


Most noteworthy, Aweber pricing plans can fit almost any budget. Above all, they have an array of different options for both small businesses and enterprises.

For example, lets take a look at the aweber pricing plan chart below:

aweber pricing plan chart

Most importantly, as you can see from the chart, aweber pricing plans are based on subscribers. For example, an email list of up to 500 subscribers will cost $19 per month. Also, a email list consisting of up to 2,500 subscribers will cost $29 per month. So, continuing that theme, take a look at our outline below:

  • 2,501 – 5,000 subscribers will cost $49 per month (Get Offer)
  • 5,001 – 10,000 subscribers will cost $69 per month (Get Offer)
  • 10,001 – 25,000 subscribers will cost $149 per month
  • Also, Aweber pricing for over 25,000 subscribers requires a quote

Pricing Wars: Aweber vs Mailchimp

AWeber Pricing Plans vs Mailchimp Pricing

In short, PremierNet completed a recent review of mailchimp. To clarify, in our constant contact vs mailchimp article, we looked at pricing options and more. To sum up, mailchimp was more expensive than their counterparts. For instance, take a look at our breakdown below.

0-500up to 2500up to 5000< 10K< 25K

First of all, there is a “catch” with mailchimp. Secondly, that catch is very costly. So, if you refer back to our pricing chart, you’ll see that all features are included with every plan. In contrast, with mailchimp, that is not the case.

In short, AWeber Pricing Plan Review And Analysis – Breakdown to get all of their inclusions, you’ll need to sign up for their pro subscription. To sum up, that pro subscription is an extra $199 per month on top of your package price. Finally, that’s just too expensive.

aweber vs mailchimp pricing charts
+ $199 for pro subscription for Mailchimp

Above all, looking at the big picture, that extra $199 is really a bummer. Aweber pricing plans offers much more value. Also, clients get automation and segmenting included with all of the other bells and whistles. To sum up, I think it’s clear the Aweber pricing plans rock.

Above all, what makes even more enticing is the fact that they offer even more discounts for quarterly and yearly plans. In short, that’s what you call a bargain.

Aweber Pricing Plans for FREE On

First of all, that is not a typo. Above all, they are so confident that you will love their services that they are offering a 30 day free trial. In addition, there are no contracts. Moreover, this is only for a limited time only. So, act now before it’s too late. Certainly, nothing is better than free. So, click the button below to access promo. After that, click on the “free trial” button in upper right hand corner.

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