1&1 Webmail – A Superior option in Email Marketing


1&1 IONOS provides many different competitive options for your email marketing needs. Starting at just $1 per month you can have access to professional 1&1 webmail services that will help to elevate your brand and company.

1&1 webmail packages are packed with powerful options. 1&1 webmail solutions will be able to cater to any business size both big and small. Let’s take a look at some of these great features that 1and1 has to offer:

What’s Included?

Included: Personal Consultant

If you’ve read our most recent 2019 reviews of 1&1 IONOS, you already know how great this feature is for any business. Signing up and buying a 1&1 webmail package with give you access to your own personal consultant.

First of all, they will provide tailored advice based on your needs. Most noteworthy, this is a fine feature. Above all, you’ll have a direct line of contact via phone, email or chat. This is an aspect of the business that you just do not see everywhere. Hence, it’s what separates 1&1 webmail services from others.

1&1 IONOS – Tailored Service with a Personal Consultant

Included: Exclusive All in One Marketing Software

1&1 webmail gives users total control of the design aspect of campaigns. Furthermore, 1&1 webmail software optimizes email to display properly on every device. Responsive designs are key in a mobile centric, mobile-first world.

Why 1&1 Webmail?

Email marketing is 40 times more likely to win a new customer. Also, it’s six times more likely to get a click-through than a social media post. So, why not put your trust in a company that continues to deliver results.

1&1 webmail is a simple platform. With 1&1, email campaigns are broken down into three basic steps:

  • Managing and organization of contacts – 1&1 Email allows you import any existing contacts. Also, you can put a registration form on your website so users can sign up for your emails. Furthermore, they have more advanced options like location targeting campaigns.

  • Sending professional emails that delivers results – 1and1 webmail services uses a simple yet superior drag and drop editor that makes things easy for everyone. Above all, having such a beautiful and design will help to elicit an action from receiver. As a result, this will lead to an increase in profits. Without a doubt, their templates are top-notch.

  • Email Automation at your fingertips – Email Automation allows the user to run their business at all times. Above all, this can be done without complete oversight over every part of the business. 1&1 webmail software allows for diverse automation campaigns. Most noteworthy, is how welcome emails can be sent instantly or with a slight delay. As a result emails can be generated and delivered automatically once certain triggers are met. You’ll have total control of every part of our campaign.

What About Pricing?

For just $1 per month for the first 6 months, their Email Basic Package is a preferred option. Furthermore, for those on a strict budget, this is great. Above all, you are getting price and reliability.. You’ll have access to everything described above with a limit of 10,000 emails per month. To get more info about the 1&1 webmail Basic Package, click the button below.

Most noteworthy, the Pro Package will drive big time results for your campaign. Furthermore, it’s priced at just $5 for the first three months. That’s a great deal. This amazing email package will allow you to send upwards of 60,000 emails per month. Click the button below to get started.

Here is a complete overview of their available pricing list:

1&1 webmail pricing
1and1 IONOS Email Marketing Packages

Summary About 1&1 Webmail

1&1 webmail requires no prior technical knowledge. The email editor and user interface are easy and intuitive. Simply select the right design template, tap on it and you’ll be off and running.

Most noteworthy, 1&1 provides a valuable help section for any questions that you may have. This along with their personal consultant feature is really what makes 1and1 stand out from the competition. Lastly, we highly recommend their services for your email marketing needs.

Author notes: Above all, 1&1 webmail rocks. First of all, the features are great. Similarly, the price is amazing. Furthermore, this webmail service provides value. Another great thing about 1&1 webmail is their support. Truly, the best. Most noteworthy, the reps were friendly and responsive. That’s always important. Above all, they win. Furthermore, 1&1 rocks